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Went to the Hamburg Lexington KY. We bought a tv came back the nest day to pick it. 2 guys pbrought it out one stood on side of the sidewalk the other one tried to load it in the back seat of extended cab truck he was scooting it across the seat so we went to the other side to lift it up but it wouldn't fit in the truck. So we said we have to put it in the back of the truck the two guys just stood their and never offered or said if you load it it will not be covered by the store so we loaded it very carefully in the truck strapped it down so it wouldn't move and took a picture of it in the truck. Got home and the screen was cracked call the store they said to bring it back. As soon as we walked in the store the store managers grabs it pulls it over to plug it up and said you cracked it we will not replace it we told him we didn't he said i stood and watched you in the window and you closed the tailgate on it. we told him we had a picture of it in the truck and it was not close to the tailgate and we didn't cracked it. he said the only thing he will do for us is to tape it back up and we need to take it back. we refused and left the tv at the stoe. I tried to call the next day and talk to different manager and i was told by Caleb (JERK) that he is as high as the chain goes and he will not give me a districtic or regional manager contact info. he said we abandoned out tv and as far as he is concerned the matter is closed and we are out $561.00. He is very rude told me he didn't want people like us in his store. he said he didn't have time to argue with me and hung up. I have contacted the number it gives you to call but they tell me to call the store and talk to another manager I can't because he says he is the only manager and that nobody is over him. I ask him to show me the tape to prove to me that we loaded the tv improper and he said he will only show the tape to the police. This man needs to be fired if you look at the complaints he has been reported several times and they still have him as a manager in that store i guess so he can rip people off. I need a contact number for a district manager or I want to talk to the CEO of this company. I have contacted BBB and they have a week to get back to me or I will be going to the news and tell how this company treats their customers. 

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Hello, clblair,

Welcome to the Best Buy Forums! Thanks for making your first post with us.

I can understand how it would be disappointing to discover that your newly purchased TV is damaged. Generally speaking, damaged items to not qualify for returns and exchanges. While I wouldn't be able to release contact information for our employees or any security tape from the store, I would be happy to ensure that your feedback about your experience has been recorded, here at the corporate office. To get the process started, please send a Private Message with your full name, email address, phone number, and your order number or customer service pin from the receipt of purchase. You can find a link to send a Private Message in my signature.


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