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Extremely frustrated and horrible service in Best Buy store and with delivery!

I just recently purchased an 85 inch Sony television and a Sony DVD player at the Oakdale, Minnesota location. I purchased it from the Magnolia section of the store. I purchased it on 7-6-18 but was told they couldn't deliver it until the 19th but there was a chance they could try and deliver it on Saturday the day after purchase. They stated they would call me and let me know. The next day I received no call so I called them later in the day to see if it was coming and they stated no. So no call when they said they would. I found a friend that said he would go with me to pick the tv up at the Oakdale location on another day and told him I would pay for gas and use of his pick-up truck. I called the Oakdale location and told them I would be coming to pick -up the tv and they stated that was good and it was in the back with my name on it. I arrived at the Best Buy to pick it up and I was told when I got there that it had been moved and they didn't know where it was moved to. I wasn't very happy. They told me to call the next morning and they would let me know where it was moved to. I called the next morning and I was told it had been moved to the Richfield, Minnesota Best Buy location. I called the Richfield location and they stated it was there and in the back with my name on it. I told them I would be there the next evening after 6 to pick it up which is today 7-10-18. I arrived there at 6:00 pm and told them i was there to pick up the tv. He said he would go get the tv while I waited for my friend to show up with his truck. He just got off work and rushed there to help me. While I was outside waiting for him to show the same Best Buy salesman came out and told me the tv had been moved back to the Oakdale location again and it must have been a miscommunication. I was not happy. I've had to pay my friend twice to come get this tv and waste his time and mine because of horrible service so I still do not have my television and I refuse to wait until the 19th for delivery. I am a valuable customer who makes many purchases there including components, speakers, cables and wires, this television and I also bought my wife a $1200 camera and accessories for Christmas. I also have their credit card. I am extremely disappointed in the way I am being treated and feel as though I should have to call the BBB and post it on social media if something isn't done.

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Re: Extremely frustrated and horrible service in Best Buy store and with delivery!

Hello ammiceli,


Welcome to our community. I think there's really nothing I abhor more than being told when I can expect something to happen and then having the promise unexpectedly change without notice -- or notification. I was very unhappy to read of your experience in attempting to take possession of your new TV. Certainly what you've described is not the stellar service to which we aspire and I apologize for the obvious inconveniences you've endured.



Were you ultimately able to take possession of your TV as you had planned?  Did you speak to managers at the Richfield or Oakdale stores regarding this experience?


Please know I am grateful you took the time to write to us to share these circumstances.


John|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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