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Exchange a damaged item, victim of return fraud.

So my boyfriend and I purchased a cheap monitor that's was on sale 2 days ago. When we got home and opened it, the screen was bent and shattered. We plugged it in just to see how bad the cracking was and boxed it back up to return the next day. We were refused a return and were told the fingerprints on the screen were suspicious and the fact that we plugged it in? We were then told the serial numbers of the box and monitor don't even match. At this point we are extremely upset and the management it rude and embarrassing us basically accusing us of scamming, and I'm basically in tears at this point. We ask what we are supposed to do and they just kind of shrug it off like sorry you lost your $140. My boyfriend is on the phone with customer support who says to go back in. He asks if they can look up the serial numbers and see if the matching item or box is in the store and the manager just says no you need to leave. The brand is HP and I've gone on their website and looked up the serial for the item and the box. The warranties seem almost linked because when I click on each one they show the serial of the monitor. Best buy won't even help to try and investigate this and look up the numbers. I'm just wanting to at least prove to this location that I am not in fact a scammer, they just sold me an item that was damaged and not in the correct box. I mean this thing was taped up and everything. I just want the same monitor replaced and for best buy to look into this. It was supposed to be an early birthday present along with my computer and now we are just devastated as $140 is a lot for us to just lose.
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Re: Exchange a damaged item, victim of return fraud.

Hey, emilyclark2010.


Welcome to the Community Forums! We are happy to have you here with us! Although, I certainly wish it were under better circumstances. 


I can see how receiving a damaged monitor and then encountering the situation at the store, isn't a welcome experience. I imagine I would feel much like you. I would be happy to look into this further for you. 


To get started, please use the blue button next to my name to send me a Private Message. Please be sure to include your name, phone number, and email. Thanks!




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