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Exchange Dispute

I purchased a brand new Pixel 3a a few days ago. Today, while simply setting the phone on the table, the phone screen cracked. I have had Google phones for years and never in my life has a screen cracked so easily. I am left to assume this is a defective device. I went into the store to exchange the item, as I was still on the 14 days, and was turned away, saying there was nothing they could do. Now, I'm left with at least a $100 bill to fix something that should not have broken. I would like Best Buy to help me and will not be a customer of them again if they don't offer me a spot of assistance.
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Re: Exchange Dispute

According to our Return/Exchange Promise, damaged items are ineligible for return.  Depending on the coverage you have (manufacturer's warranty, Geek Squad Protection, Carrier Insurance), you may be entitled to additional assistance; however, an exchange of the device is not generally one of them.  It may take a few days for the moderators to get to your post, but hopefully this sheds some light on why the exchange was denied.  

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Re: Exchange Dispute

Hey mp0394,


After just purchasing this phone I can of course understand you being upset that it is now broken. The store was correct that we do not return or exchange damaged items, and a cracked screen would be considered damage. I have not heard of a defect in the Pixel 3a that would cause a screen to crack when setting the phone down. With that said, I would like to look into this for you. Can you send me a private message with your name, phone number, email address, and the Customer Service Pin number off the front of the receipt for this phone? To send me a private message click on the message button in my signature.



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