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Empty Box

On Sunday Feb 13 at 12:44 I purchased a Corsair Virtuoso RGB SE from the Best Buy in greenbrier Chesapeake Virginia. I got home buttoned up my new pc build downloaded all drivers and when I went to take it on the maiden voyage and bust out my new headset I open the box and there is NOTHING inside. No headset no cables no pamphlets or instructions nothing. I immediately panic realizing how this is going to be perceived at the store. I arrived at the store about 2 hours after the purchase and show them the empty box. The manager immediately tells me that I should have known the box was empty before leaving the store. My bad I’ll make sure that I open everything I buy on the floor to make sure it’s actually in there. She said there is nothing Best Buy can do call the manufacturer. Called up Corsair and their rep was like whoa yeah that’s def a bestbuy thing. He spoke with the manager over my phone and they went back and for for a few minutes she handed me back the phone and he was like idk what to tell you man I’m sorry that’s a store issue. Manager then told me to call corporate. I call corporate and the first rep says that I need to go to the store and return it. I told him I did and they sent me home to call him. He said okay I’ll reach out to the store puts me on hold 20 minutes later another representative answered and basically treated me as a fresh caller. IDK her name but she was actually really great. She was very empathetic to my situation, she then sent some emails to the store manager and reached out to them and had told me that I would be getting a call from my store in 2 hours so we can get stuff taken care of. I kid you not I say in my chair and basically twiddled my thumbs for 2 and a half hours before I realized I was yet again let down by my store. Can someone PLEASE help me, I love Best Buy and a lot of the staff there at my store but this $209 plus tax cardboard box has me stressed out.

Thanks in Advance
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Re: Empty Box

Hello, Waytooextreme,


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What you’ve shared here sounds like a frustrating experience. As such I can understand wanting this addressed and resolved. I’d like to take a closer look and see what else may be possible in this situation of receiving an empty box.


To get started, send over a Private Message with your:


*Full name

*Phone number

*Email address

*Customer Service PIN Number (at the bottom of the receipt)


I look forward to your message.



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