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Employee Compliment

I wanted to thank Best Buy for good hires at the Hot Springs Arkansas Best Buy. I haven't had any bad experiences and I've been shopping here for about 4 years.


Today, I went to gather some information on several products that I plan to purchase. I am a BB card holder.


Some employees asked me if I needed help and I said I was just browsing but I did ask some questions. They were very helpful but two referred me to the "expert," who was Juan. Juan had the lockdown on everything TV, display, cable internet, cable modem, and router. I learned a lot and I could share my own limited expertise. I believe there was one other employee named Justine and both talked with me for a while. I didn't feel rushed at all and ALL of my questions and concerns were address. Wow! 


The only bad part is that now my purchase list has grown but my card is paid in full so I say BRING IT. :-D


Juan is a good guy and well informed.



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Re: Employee Compliment

Greetings, Joel, and welcome to the Best Buy forum,


Juan for the win!  I recently had to purchase a new cable modem and now wish I had made a trip to Arkansas because I basically just guessed.  While we strive to provide our customers with a high level of customer service, it seems Juan is on another level, which is awesome.  I don't know Juan, but I can tell just from your experience that he enjoys what he does.  He made sure you left the store happier than when you first entered and with good direction to complete your plan.  I'm going to connect with Juan's supervisor to make sure they're aware of your experience so Juan can be properly recognized.


Enjoy the rest of your day. Smiley Happy

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Re: Employee Compliment

Your reply was very accurate! I had a tough week and I didn't feel like stumbling through all these future upgrades so I really just came in to take a peek and get some ideas but Juan really brought his homework game! LOL! I had a greate time and I'm glad I stumbled in there 4 years ago and got the BB card. Kinda funny. :-D