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Employee Compliment

I had to go out of my way to give a compliment to Grace from the phones department in Store 119 in Costa Mesa, let  me tell you I had been on a previous Best Buy store I spoke to a Apple representative and she was wonderful she convinced me (a Samsung) user to convert to iphone, once I was ready to buy, due to some minor issue from my carrier Sprint I was not able to buy it. I left the store sad and without a newphone. Then, I spoke to my phone provider he assured me they could assist so i went to store 119 next, and I'm glad I did. Grace helped me, and she was wonderful. I called sprint customer care and they asked to speak to her, without hesitation she explained what the error message was, they fixed it within seconds..She was patient and very knowledgeable on the items. She also is great on putting on screen protectors, no bubbles. Not only was she speaking to the represenative on the phone, helping us, she also managed to assist her co workers with two other customers. She is honestly the only reason i was able to buy a new iphone 13. I was stressed for her with all the customers close to closing time and the computer freezing on her, but nope, not one irritating face or frustrated remark came out of her, always with a smile and just worked on solving the problems at hand. She is quite amazing. I had the most excellent customer service with her and i thought I would let Best Buy know, you did a great job hiring her. She is one quality worker. After spending all day in other best buys and tmobile stores, she did what they couldnt in hours. I was above impressed and satisfied with her service. 

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Re: Employee Compliment

Hello, ceeejayyy13, 


It is nice to hear from you, and I appreciate you taking the time to share your experience. Purchasing a new phone should be exciting. Based on your description of events, it sounds like Grace took the time to ensure you were fully satisfied with your purchase and the experience. I’m so glad to hear you were ultimately able to make this purchase. As a consumer myself, when I receive great service, I always want to share positive feedback. I understand why you’d want to do the same. I’d love to formally document your insight. I can also reach out to the leaders of this location, as they would be in the best position to recognize Grace for her outstanding service. 


If you are interested in having your feedback documented, please send me a Private Message. To do so, simply select the darker blue icon, which is located across from my signature. 



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