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Eligible for promotional offer but refused

On 10/3/17 I upgraded my iPhone through Best Buy to an iPhone 8. On the same day I received an email saying that I would receive a $100 Best Buy gift card with the upgrade. The promotional email included a coupon. After calling Best Buy’s customer support and verifying that I was indeed elibigle for the gift card I was told over the phone that all I would have to do is come into the store to receive the $100 gift card. I went to two separate Best Buy’s. One told me I was wrong and refused help and the other store told me the only way possible was to deactivate my phone, do a return, re-purchase my phone then activate it again. As stated above I was told to come into the store to get the gift card. Not that I would be refused or have the run around given to me. Now the promotion ends today and I have run out of options besides this online forum. I should be able to resolve this without having to deactivate my phone. How do I receive the gift card that rightfully came with this purchase?
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Re: Eligible for promotional offer but refused

Hey kaferguson77,


Welcome to our forum, and I should be able to shed some light on this. I am sorry if you were given any incorrect information causing you to go to your local store twice for no reason. It sounds like the store was correct in advising you of your options as this coupon has to be used when you are purchasing the phone.


Since you had already purchased the phone in order to get the gift card you would have needed to return the phone, wait for your upgrade eligibility to be reinstated by the carrier, and then repurchase the phone using the coupon that was sent you. It was most likely coincidence that you received this coupon email on the same date that you purchased your iPhone 8.



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