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Easy problem Made into Headache

So i've shopped at Best Buy for 16 years and i was a elite plus member with a best buy credit card. Last year i was buying a alienware laptop from best buy and i couldnt decide which one i wanted. So this led me to buy one return one buy one again and return one until i found the one i wanted. What happen was that this caused me to used a finite amount of returns allowed at best buy. I accepted the consequences and said "Thats fine i always shop from you guys i never have any problems". 

About three days ago i had gone to my local best buy store to buy a Apple Ipad 6th generation for a birthday gift for my son. He wanted gold and i asked for gold. The best buy guy got the ipad and a screen protector and a case and placed it all in the bag. I paid for it using my best buy card and went on my way home. I realized when i got home it wasnt gold but rose gold. So i had to wait the next day to go back to the store and exchange the color. 

This is the part thats unbelievable. 

I went back to the store and asked to "EXCHANGE" the ipad to another color. Best buy said because i ran out of returns that they couldnt exchange it because There system won't allow that. It turns out Best Buys Sales system is run by another company which i tried to call but they were closed on the weekend. So the manager suggested to give them a call when they're hours are open. I would like to also mention that the Manager at Best Buy told me "This has happen before, dont worry just give them a call and they'll accept a exchange. 

I come back to best buy the next day and i call the company at the store that way to make sure its approved. When i call the customer support line for the best buy sales. This is what they said word for word


Me:Hi i'm a customer here at best buy and i want to make a exchange for an i pad i bought. I just wanted a different color. I know that i don't have any returns left but i'm not trying to return the product just exchanging it for a different color. The manager said that it be ok.


Sales Guy: I'm sorry sir but your over the return limit we cannot do anything about it


Me:But i'm not RETURNING it. I just want to exchange it for a different color. 


Sales Guy: Sorry sir nothing i can do


Me:Can i speak to the Manager, i mean does he have authority?


Sales Guy: The Manager doesnt have authroity to overide this.


Me: Really a huge multi billion dollar corporation cant perform a simple task as to exchange the color of a product?


Sales guy: Im sorry sir theres nothing i can do


Me:Can i Talk to the manager at least


Sales guy: NO!!...Hangs up phone


So i get hung up and by now i'm furious and i could see the customer service employees all looking at me like how people look at angry customers. i just stop and leave the store and talked to other customers who heard me said things like "wow your just exchanging the color and they can't do it?, Can't believe best buy can't do something that simple?, etc, etc". I head out the store and go to the nearest trash can, Call the company cancel my credit card, cancel my rewards and unsubscribe from all best buy emails. Then i throw away my best buy card. 


Such a simple Task turns into a unnecessary huge problem. 


Well i'll never ever shop at Best Buy ever again.

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Re: Easy problem Made into Headache

They have to return the item to exchange it. Sounds like you were banned for a year. 


I thought ipad 6th gens only came in 3 colors? Silver, Space Gray, and Gold. 

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Re: Easy problem Made into Headache

It came in those EXACT words Silver, Space Gray and Gold. I asummed Gold meant gold not ROSE GOLD. when i went back i wanted to exchange it for silver. (i shouldve put that in my first post). What i'm saying is that i wasnt returning it i just wanted to get a different color. The banned said that i couldnt make any returns for a year. I was fine with that. What P.O me off was i couldnt exchange my item for a different color. I'm thinking something like this would be simple but not even a manager or a customer support tech can override this. 

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Re: Easy problem Made into Headache

Hi, RXShift,

Welcome to the Best Buy Forums!


Many of our customers shop with confidence with the knowledge that they can place a return or exchange if they need to. I'm sorry to hear that your recent exchange request was denied. My understanding is that our store systems would need to place a return in order to then add on the sale of a different item in order to complete an exchange. If you had already received a ban notice, the store would not have an option to override and process the exchange through. I apologize for any disappointment that this caused you. I would be happy to work with our partners and have your account reviewed in detail. If this is something that you would be interested in, please send me a Private Message with the following information:

  • Full name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Warning or Denial ID (this would be on the printed notice that you received and would end in -BBY)

You can find a link to send a Private Message in my signature.



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