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Drive up order nightmare

Placed an order back on 10/6/21 for in store pick up and it was ready for pick up 10/13/21. I did not have time until today (10/16/21) to pick up along with a couple other orders. I arrived at 12:40pm and checked in after parking in the designated stall. In a couple minutes an employee confirmed my order and in about 5 minutes came out with my 2/3 of my orders and stated the other item was "not where it was supposed to be." I wait about 10 more minutes and another employee who was doing another drop off let me know a manager would be out to speak with me regarding my order. I wait another 10 minutes and no one. At this point, I just want to know what is going on so I get out of my car (not something I wanted to do since I had a 6 week old puppy with me and my physical limitations). I walked in the store and the greeter was aware of my order and advised that a manager should be there to speak with me shortly. So I literally am standing at the entrance with a crying puppy in my hand waiting. I wait an additional 20 minutes in store with no manager in sight. At this point (close to an hour waiting) I am not able to wait any longer and obtained the assistant manager and managers name (I don't want to post their names but I can provide privately) and asked them to please call me back in case they were busy. I was assured that I would recieve a call back today as I was leaving. I waited all day today and did not recieve any call whatsoever. The way this store handled the entire pick up was a disaster and the lack of caring for someone else's time is appalling. If it was an inventory issue or anything of that nature, just keep the customer informed.
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Re: Drive up order nightmare

Hello, steven622,


Thanks for taking the time to share this experience on the Best Buy forum. What you describe is far from the smooth and convenient store pick up process that we expect so I'm glad that you were able to provide this feedback so that I can ensure it gets to the right place. You had mentioned that you would be willing to provide names privately, and I would indeed appreciate that detail along with a couple other pieces of information.


In your private message, please include your full name, phone number, email address, order number, the names of the managers (if you remember), and an update on the situation if anything has changed. Beyond recording your feedback, if you're still in need of assistance with the order, I'd like to do what I can to ensure everything is resolved. As you may already be aware, if you're logged into the forum from a PC, you should see a blue "Private Message" option next to my signature below this post. Otherwise, if you click on my name to the left of this post (Kayla-BBY), that should take you to my "About" page where you should be able to select the option to send me a private message. 



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