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District Manager or Direct contact to personnel to solve return issue at 16 days after purchase

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I purchased a GoPro Protective Housing for an international vacation. I made this purchase on May 15, 2021. Unfortunatley the housing is not designed for my model of cameria and does not fit the model of GoPro I have, Hero8. Due to the terrible service and assistance in the store in trying to find the product I bought the correct item across town at a sporting goods store instead a day or so later. This item is designe and works for my camera.


Due to the untimely of proximity and timing of our vacation departarture schedule I was not able to get back to the Best Buy store I originally purchased from to return the item before we left on our trip. I thought, 'what is the problem, the item is unused and unopened, I can just return the item after I come back'. I thought there would be no problem, after all the item is i) unopened ii) the item is not designed for my product and is unused and iii) anyone can understand an international trip may induce some waiting or longer than traditional time frames. Wrong.


Indeed, I was only able to go to the store I purchased from the day after I returned, today, memorial day, May 31, 2021. As it turns out this day is 16 days (not bad after clearing customs and extended COVID 19 testing, thus involuntarily extending our trip) after the purchase and Best Buy will not return the item. Why? Because of Policy. A 14 day return policy. This is an unopened brand new item; Best Buy looses nothing. Obviously a $50 item means a great deal to Best Buy.


After speaking to a very rude assistant store manager, Ana {removed per forum guidelines}, I was told she would return the item for store credit. This is an insult on the face of the statement. In speaking with Ana and questioning this policy and shear severe lack of compassion or understanding, I was told I was threatening her for asking to go over her and speak to the store manager. She said she was the store manager. So I ask to speak to the District Manager, she said 'no'. She then repeated that I threatened her for asking for the District Manager. That by doing so I was threatening her job. She then said Best Buy would not return the item. How was this a threat? Was her frustration or mine creating a separate issue. By all means lets talk to someone else. 


What kind of business is being run here? I have spent over $15,000 at Best Buy, yet they cannot return my brand new unopened $50 item. I cannot use this item. I don't have the older model of GoPro to use this item. All I want is to get my money back, not store credit. I have returned items to Target, Lowes, or Apple within 30 days and still got my money back. As of today this is only 16 days after purchase. I can only imagine this design is intended so Best Buy can re-sell the item at full price AND be sure to capture the profits they already got from my $50 purchase. Great job best buy, nice job in leaveraging life's travel incoveniences, COVID, and general human nature to maximize every dollar.


Please someone respond to me who can ensure I have my $50 plus tax returned and somewhere I can return this item to. Please discuss with me how a manager can give the impression they run the store when, in fact, they don't and they certainly don't have the title to do so. Please tell me how a manager can take a conversational request for someone with higher authority (and perhaps a more reasonable attitude) as a threat and then treat me as dismissively and rudely as they did. Tell me how this person has the merits to be in customer service. As a 10 year 4 combat tour army veteran ('99, '03, '04, '06), I was asked to be far more flexible and compassionate and certainly not for a mere $50. This issue is moving past the dollar value and into the principle of the matter. Why not allow this to happen on Memorial Day.

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Re: District Manager or Direct contact to personnel to solve return issue at 16 days after purchase

District Managers are not in customer facing positions, but the moderators may be able to assist with partnering you with the store's General Manager for assistance.  They work out of the corporate office, and generally follow the policies as written, return policy included.  Normally, the store management is allowed to make decisions on any exceptions to the 15 day return period.  One of those options, outside of simply declining the disqualified return, is to offer store credit.  


Store employees should always maintain professionalism, even when delivering news that may not be welcome.  


Legitimate Question:  If you were going to purchase the correct item anyway, why not accept the store credit and apply it towards that purchase?  


Hopefully the moderators will get a chance to reply shortly, it may take a few days with the Memorial Holiday Weekend.  It ebbs and flows based on traffic and this weekend was pretty busy for retail stores in general.

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Re: District Manager or Direct contact to personnel to solve return issue at 16 days after purchase

Good afternoon, boeses,


Welcome to  our forums, and thank you for sharing your feedback with us.  It’s important to make sure the items you purchase with us will actually fit your needs, so I can certainly understand wanting to make sure you’re able to return your products if they’re not quite what you were expecting.


As it sounds like you’re aware, our Return & Exchange Promise offers our customers the ability to return most products to us within 15 days of purchase.  If you have any questions regarding this timeframe, or any of the terms in our Return & Exchange Promise, you’ll find the full terms here.  While we’ll be unable to offer an exception outside of these terms, if your local Best Buy store is willing to offer an exception, this would be in the form of store credit. 


If you are still interested in the credit for your return your local Best Buy store has offered, I recommend visiting this store, to request their assistance.



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