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Discrimination at Patchogue NY store

I was at Bestbuy Patchogue earlier at 12:05 to do a curbside pickup. No one was parked in the curbside pickup slots but me. Selected im here and put the type of vehicle i was in color sedan and model on my instructions. After 5 minutes a few other cars arrived 1 parked on my right 1 parked on my left and 1 behind me. The last car that arrived was on my right and was greeted by an employee. He went in and ran out to give her her stuff. He then just looks at me and then talks to another customer standing in the parking lot and leaves. He later comes back looks at me again and just goes straight to the car on my left looks at me again and runs back in and runs out to get the other guys order. I then wave at him and he looks at me clueless as I say i also have an order. He acted irritated and asked for my id and if i knew what i got. He then walks slowly back in and walks slowly out to give me my order and mumbles something. He just handed me the item with a blank face. While all this was happening another employee was also helping out other cars who arrived after me. It took me 17 minutes to get my order. I dont want to cry RACISM especially during a time like this but i was the only asian customer and everyone else were white.
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Re: Discrimination at Patchogue NY store

To me, it sounds like there might have just been a mix up. No need to assume the worst, it happens. If I was to guess, I'd say maybe the rep thought someone else was already helping you. Maybe someone in the store told him so. Maybe your order wasn't ready yet, and they were finishing it up. People get confused. As far as mumbling something, well he might have been upset with his coworkers, who knows?


Anyway. I'm guessing those things because something similar has happened to me the last time I went to the store. I arrived there to return a product and parked in a spot. I was the only one when I got there. I waited for 2-3 minutes and no one came out, but whatever, I was just enjoying my favorite song, no hurry. About a minute later another car pulled in and a guy came out of the store right away and went straight to it. I watched as he talked to driver, ran right past me back into the store, and came out few minutes later with their stuff... When he was finished and was walking by me again, I rolled down my window and called him... he stopped, looking confused, walked over and said "someone is helping you, right sir?"... I told him "no", he apologized and started helping me. Stuff happens, it's still odd and hectic right now, people are moving around, stuff happens. I honestly didn't think anything of it.