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Disappointing Customer Service Regarding Large Purchase


    I wrote this to find an answer and with the hope it also finds my local Best Buy team here in Vermont's Williston location. It matters to me to put forward a disappointing experience I've had regarding and the disappointing assistance received from the Williston location.
    I will try to be direct about the issue I encountered as the chance to rectify the problem is now in the past. I do not write with any expectations of remediation, but to inform and perhaps inquire about whether this is how the process should have been handled so I can calibrate my expectations and purchasing decisions going forward accordingly.

    On February 3rd, I purchased an 85" Samsung QN90A TV on (Can Provide Order #). The earliest delivery date was February 16th. I scheduled the delivery, received SMS updates until February 13th then, was met with 0 communication from Best Buy only to find my delivery canceled the evening of the 15th upon manually checking the website.
    I have a great deal of understanding regarding the widespread inventory issues. Last year I had a somewhat similar issue with an online order (Can also provide order #) and the issue got resolved by an in-store employee. I waited over 6 months for that order but I was communicated with consistently.  I assumed that something may have caused a delay this time. However, there was absolutely no one trying to contact me about a delay, or even inform me of the canceled delivery. No Email, SMS, or call. Nothing. The order status also changed to "getting more soon" while the website said one could be delivered by the 21st. I couldn't reschedule. 
    Knowing that the Geek Squad delivery team was based at my nearest Best Buy Store, I stopped by, talked with an employee (Can provide names) in the TV department, and was given a rescheduled delivery for the following day. They said there was possibly an issue with the address, and would make a note to the delivery team about the issue, though half my order had already been delivered without issues a few days before.
    I left hoping this was just a fluke and would expect the TV to arrive on the 17th. I received no updates on this delivery status either, but it showed it was scheduled on the website. However, again without any Email, SMS, or phone call, the delivery was canceled some time the following morning.
     This results in me stopping by Best Buy again. The same employee assists me again and consults the Dept Manager. After some deliberation they speculate that the issue could be that my name appeared twice somewhere in the delivery address info. They also speculate this is or could be a fraud auto cancelation from the payment method and to consult Citibank. 
     None of this made sense to me because I already had half my order (the soundbar) sitting at home, and I used my Best Buy credit card, which is what I've used consistently over the past couple years.
    The more I inquired the more It started to sound like I was being told that somehow, I was responsible for my deliveries getting canceled. The charges remained on my account and the TV order itself was not canceled, just the delivery. 

    I was given two options of simply scheduling a delivery for yet a third time, without any real assurance that anything would go differently next time. Or, to cancel the order.

     It seemed as though the blame for the mishap was subtly directed at me and I was being told I could try again or give up. I was never given a satisfying explanation as to why this occurred nor a better point of contact to confirm delivery if we moved forward. After waiting six months for my refrigerator last year, I was not willing to take this risk. No information or point person was available to help me find any confidence that this was resolved, or even resolvable. 
    To conclude, this all resulted in me canceling the order, and finding a competitor locally that could match the price and get me the TV by the 18th. I didn't really want to do that. The whole ordeal was disappointing. I plan to return the rest of the order that had arrived without issue since it was part of a combo deal that wouldn't be applicable without the TV. 
    I like shopping at Best Buy. I shop there as often as I can for my business needs, especially appliances. I have encouraged colleagues to source appliances through Best Buy. But in 20 minutes a competitor facilitated the service I could not get from Best Buy after 2 visits over 2 days on an order from 2 weeks prior that clearly had some kind of unusual issue going on. 
     I'm not sure where or what went wrong with this process. I do feel that at the very least, I'm not unreasonable to have expected better communication regarding that. It was made clear that my best option was to take my business elsewhere by the companies own staff.
    I would appreciate knowing that this matter is taken with some level of seriousness. It has left me with an aversion to making large purchases from Best Buy or recommending others to do so again in the future, and a high likelihood of cancelling my credit card account.
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Re: Disappointing Customer Service Regarding Large Purchase

Hello, TJLucien,


Thank you for joining us her on the community forums. Although, I wish it were under better circumstances. This is not the kind of shopping experience we strive to provide. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I would love to document and investigate this issue to see what went wrong. Could you please private message me with your:


Full name

Phone number

Email address

Order number



Aaron G|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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