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Disappointed with our online pick-up orders and experience

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I honestly never complain about my purchases at Best Buy, but I feel that there needs to be a necessary training for the staff or a need a fix in the system. So, please read my whole experience at Best Buy in Elk Grove.


I received a status order pickup for # {removed per forum guidelines} on Monday, December 9, 2019, which was TWO orders of the Rexing Front and Rear Camera Dash Cam, but when I went to pick it; they only had 1 order ready. The staff had looked everywhere from each bins, and going back and forth to the back of the warehouse and could not find the second item of my dash cam order. I was very disappointed that I had came all the way to the store to find out that my order was not ready. It could possibly be that someone mistakenly fulfilled or thought they completed my order and did not look carefully at the quantity of the item when the purchase was for 2 quantity of this item. My whole experience and the wait time was ridiculous. I waited for almost 50 minutes to an hour and they did not resolve it. I mean the purpose of buying online and having to pick-up in-store was to have our orders ready and being effective and fast, in and out! The issue was that someone probably did not check our item carefully and marked it completed with fulfilling just 1 out of the 2 order and did not have the second item ready for me. Then when I finally asked the staff, since it's obvious that they cannot find it nor do they have any more in stock... I asked them what they are going to do about my second item? Because I was not going to leave the store with just 1 of my item, and still be charged for 2 dash cams. The staff said that he will need to mark our order completed (saying as if I picked up the 2 item) and then refund one back; after he did that, the system did not let him do the refund transaction. At this point, I was frustrated! He obviously did a mistake by confirming my pickup for the 2 items, when it was incorrect. I only had 1 item. So the next person who came to help him, she said that since they cannot refund the item, she can put in another order for the same dash cam and the next day; she can process my refund. I find it kind of sketchy because if I were to have purchased something in-person in the store and then later wanted a refund; the system should allow that, but why did it not allow it for this instance for my online pick-up orders. At this point, it has been a LONG wait and I was getting exhausted. I ordered a 3rd dash cam and was promised that she will process my refund the next day and will call me. I was hesitant to have to purchase the 3rd time, because I was only leaving physically with just 1 of the item, but she said that she will call me once the refund has been processed, so my total will show the total for just the 2 items. She said that this purchase was expected to have it delivered to our address by Wednesday December 11th... (because I was done with this wait time and done with the pick-up in store orders) BUT even up to today, which is Thursday, December 12th, my item has not been delivered, saying that my package is running a little late and has been delayed until tomorrow December 13th.


The fact that I have to keep checking my account to make sure I didn't get overcharged... the fact that I left the store feeling uneasy with having to charge my card a 3rd time and hoping that she completes my refund process the next day, which she did, but I had to worry about that all day... and then now that my package has not been delivered has added a whole lot of unnecessary STRESS!! That I had to come in here to write this up and post my message to you! 



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Re: Disappointed with our online pick-up orders and experience



Welcome to our community. On those occasions when I've used store pickup for orders, it's usually been fairly flawless from beginning to end. But it's not hard to imagine where things could go wrong, and it's very unsatisfying to hear that you encountered just such a scenario. Certainly it is not our goal to create inconvenience for you in the simple task of picking up your order and I apologize for that having been the result on your recent visit to the store.


While I'm happy to hear that the team at the store seems to have done everything in their power to fill your order, and that the promises made to you for the refund and the new order were kept, waiting on your feet for an hour would be fatiguing and make the time pass much more slowly I'm sure. I can certainly understand your concerns over whether everything would turn out alright in the end; I would have been fretting over that myself.


Please know I am grateful you took the time to share your experience. Best Buy cannot hope to improve in meaningful ways without the input of our valued customers like you. 

John|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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