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Difficulty making purchase

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Dear Best Buy: 

After my most recent purchase I would like to share with you some ways that you could streamline your sales and make things more convenient for customers. 

I am a high school teacher and I find myself looking at multiple students on the very small school issued computer monitor. I found the best monitor for my needs at Best Buy. It is a 32" Dell gamining monitor that allows me to see all of my students at once. Best Buy has the best monitor at the best price. 


My school has Best Buy as a registered vendor, so we are allowed to write checks there, but as a public school, we are not allowed to pay taxes. Usually, I take a tax ID letter to a vendor and the do not charge taxes for the purchase. With Best Buy, one has to get an ID number from Best Buy to use the TaxID number. The school District can get a number, but then the bill would go to the district office and not the school. That means that the school system could purchase tax exempt items, but no school can. In my frustration and desperate need for this new monitor, I asked the manager at my local Best Buy in Mobile Alabama if I could bring in a check from the school for the price without tax and then personally pay the $47 in sales tax. He told me it was not a problem. I got a PO and went through the process of getting a check cut. 

The young lady at Best Buy was obviously frustrated when I brought in a check. She told me before I used it that it would probably get declined. Best Buy uses Telecheck to catch fraud. I'm sure they have a great record because they decline all checks. They declined my check from my public school because the public school doesn't write enough checks to Best Buy. Let that sink in. 

I called Telecheck, but they will only speak to the account holder of the check. 

I submitted the paperwork to school to get reimbursed so that I could purchase it myself and eat the taxes. I ordered it online together with the display port cables to go with it. I knew it wasn't at the store, but I was prepared to wait a week for them to come in. The projected arrival time for 5 or 6 days later. 

The next day I took my mother to buy a laptop at Best Buy because she heard of some great deals. When we arrived and walked back to the laptop section, there was a display of 8 of the monitors that the website said would be up to 6 days arriving. The manager said that they just arrived the night before on the truck. He looked up my order and the monitor I purchased was being shipped from somewhere else. I cancelled my order and purchsed the one in the store. The next day, I got a text that the cable I ordered had arrived 3 days earlier than predicted. 

While I was dealing with that, my mother found a laptop she really liked. Unfortunately, of the 8 laptop models in the value range, only one was in stock. That wasn't the one she liked. 

We could have ordered it, but my experience with the monitor soured me on that idea. Fortunately, the Costco across the street had a much better deal on a laptop so we bought her one there. 


My suggestions Best Buy based on my experience. 

1. Make a policy that you don't take checks. Telecheck is worthless and I am sure is costing you a ton of money. You might as well ease everyone's frustration and just tell people you don't take checks.

2. Work on supply chain. The website should have been linked to the store's inventory and it should have known that the monitors were already coming in. 

3. As long as supply chain is backed up, clearly indicate that the floor models are not available and that you can try them here before you order. There is a little red x on the item description display that indicates to the sales associate that they are out of stock, but that is frustrating to the customer. 


I am enjoying the monitor. I learned how to best buy from Best Buy. I hope you can use this information to streamline your operation. 


Mike {removed per forum guidelines}

Mobile, Alabama