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Delayed Shipping - Never Picked Up

I ordered a product on about a week ago, selected in-store pickup, option was for four days after purchase. That was a great option for me. It was delayed. Not a huge deal, thought I'd check on it after a week had passed. Well that day was today. I called support for help, they told me that the package was in route to the store. Didn't really get me an ETA for product to store. I used chat, same response. I called the store to see if they could help, and that guy in Appleton was rude and unwilling to help. I called support again and got a tracking number from UPS. Tracked on UPS and it showed that the product was picked up. Okay, maybe I was a little quick to blame Best Buy. Called UPS, they confirmed that the product was never picked up due to an issue with the shipping label, and that once scanned, the product did not match the shipping terms. Okay, now we're back to blaming Best Buy. Called support and chat numerous times to confirm that the tracking number was correct, and tried telling about six different people that the product was never picked up. I got the same story of the product is on its way to the store. I asked to be provided a different tracking number, they gave me the same number that they had given me before. I explained to them that UPS never picked up this shipment, and the product was not shipped. They just kept telling me that the product was on its way to the store for pickup. Finally, as I'm about to give up, I called the store again. I got someone who actually listened to me (I think his name was John, give that guy a raise and let him train the other in actual customer service). He helped me cancel the order, get a new one started, and make sure that we had shipping on the new order.


I hate complaining. I just wish things went swimmingly. Now I'm trying to formulate a complaint about something that would have been solved right away if we would have had someone just try to listen to the customer. I get it. Most of us don't know what we're talking about and don't have a clue how logistics or commerce works. But I had a legitimate concern about my product not shipping, and no one would help. I spent about 5 hours of my time trying to get this resolved, and about 6 phone calls and 5 or so chats to finally get someone to actually help me.


I will certainly consider ending my relationship with Best Buy. Been a loyal customer since I was a kid. Been a card member for a few years now. The last two major purchases I've had with Best Buy have resulted in horrible communicaton and inconsistent customer service. I'd really just like someone to listen to me like the John guy did earlier today, and try to keep me as a loyal customer. I have a case number. I have the tracking number provided to me from customer support. I shouldn't have to do the legwork for your customer support team.

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Re: Delayed Shipping - Never Picked Up

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Hi, KTC, 


Thanks for reaching out on the Forums Community. Although I've never experienced something like this, I can certainly see why you'd be upset with the interaction you've described. I can document everything and further discuss this matter if you like. I'll just need you to send a private message; blue button, bottom right corner and provide the following:


  • Full Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Order Number


Here to listen!

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