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Defective product less than 30 days old and they wont exchange

I purchased a Netgear Orbi RK50 June 4th $353.09 and it crapped out on me today. 7/2 and they won't exchange it for another. I'm baffled that they won't exchange for another. If they won't stanf behind the products they sell whats the point of shoppin there?

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Re: Defective product less than 30 days old and they wont exchange

Best Buy, as a retailer carrying other companies products, supplies a return exchange period for the product.  This is meant to allow for defective items outside of the box, changing your mind, and the like.  We have found that this is ample decision-making time since the return period is not intended to replace the product's warranty.  


What happens after the return window depends on if you purchased the Geek Squad Warranty from Best Buy or stuck with the manufacturer's warranty.  With the Geek Squad Replacement Plan, the unit is replaced in store.


If you stuck with the manufacturer's warranty, you're not out of luck.  The good news is if you registered the product at the time of setup, Netgear provides a 1 year manufacturer's warranty with phone support.  That phone support may be able to get you back up and running or repair/replace if need be.  

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