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Customer service issue

I have been a Best Buy Customer for many years. Although I have had customer service issues in the past, they were minor and I accredited them to a lack of training or the experience level of the associate. I have never had an experience as poorly handled, however, as the experience I had recently at the Best Buy location on S. Virginia Street in Reno, Nevada.
I had purchased a computer on-line to be shipped to the store on 7/27/18. When it arrived, I picked it up and when we opened the box at home it was not even remotely close to the computer I had ordered. I called the store in Reno and let me know what had happened and asked for assistance. I spoke initially to Josh who told me to bring the computer down to the store under the direction of his manager, Cory. When I arrived at the store, I was advised by Cory that they could not do anything in the store and that he would send a "form" to corporate and they would contact me immediately. I left assuming that one hand did not know what the other hand was doing but was hopeful that I would hear from someone the following day. Around lunchtime the next day I had not heard anything and decided to go onto the website to further investigate the matter. I went into the on-line chat feature and spoke with Lorraine F. when I explained what was happening she told me that I had the option of exchanging the item at the store. When I told her that I had been told that I couldn't do that, she advised me that all on-line and in-store purchases can be exchanged or returned at the store. 
Since I work near another Best Buy location (Sparks, NV), I stopped in at lunch and asked if I would be able to exchange the item there. They said I could, however, they did not carry the item I had ordered. The gentleman there, Taylor, was very helpful and said that the Reno store should have been able to exchange the computer and apologized for the inconvenience (an apology that I never got from the Reno store and the Sparks store had nothing to do with it). When I got off work I went back to the Reno location and told them that I wanted to exchange the item and that I had discussed the matter with two other Best Buy employees, both on-line and at the Sparks location, and they had both advised me that it could be done. Since Cory had already left for the day I was directed to Holston after about 15 - 20 minutes and he promptly called someone and was able to get the problem remedied and they took the computer that I had been sent. They were not able to give me  the computer I ordered as they did not carry it. They had to place a second order and now I will not receive what I ordered until 16 days after I ordered it. 
I understand that mistakes like this occur, but in this particular instance, this was the poorest example of customer service I have ever witnessed. Rather than solve a problem initially, Cory decided to just hand it off. I will definitely NEVER order anything from again and I may not shop in-store any longer either. We will see how the second attempt at getting my computer is handled and will decide whether or not to remain a Best Buy customer at that point.
I am an educator by profession and would strongly suggest reevaluating your training programs especially on the supervisory/managerial level. What your company is doing, at least in the Reno/Sparks area is not effective.
p.s. I have still not been contacted by anyone regarding this as Cory had promised.
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Re: Customer service issue

Hi agattone,

Welcome to the Best Buy Community forums. Thank you very much for taking the time to share this with us.

An exchange like this should be fairly simple to process, and I apologize that Cory doesn’t appear to have been aware of that. You’re absolutely right that this looks like it could be a gap in knowledge that training could help.

I’ll be sure to forward this to the appropriate people. I’m confident that the next time you shop with us we will be able to provide you with superior service. We rely on customers like you sharing experiences like this so we know where we need to get better, so I really appreciate this. 

I hope that your new computer comes in without any further issues. If you do need any additional help, please let me know and I’ll do my best to assist you.


Kyle R|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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