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Customer service/help

Today, I placed an order for the store in Mobile, AL. I thought "hey they have curbside so I won't have to get the kids out!" I did not realize there were extra steps to curbside like other big stores so that's my fault. I take full responsibility. But the way I was treated when I called the store? That's a less from Best Buy I'll never forget. After waiting about 6 minutes for someone to finally pick up the phone; the lady I spoke with rudely informed me that if it didn't give the option for curbside I'd just have to come in. She then justified me bringing my sleeping children into the store because everyone was required to wear masks. Sounds great.... until you try putting a mask on a one year old. Plus I wasn't going to wake my kids up to run into the store. I work for a big retail store who does plenty of curbside and works customer service so here's what made this situation so aggravating towards me, 1) there was no actual help made on that phone call, she could have instructed me how to make sure this wouldn't happen if I made future purchases. 2) you'd still verify the same info if it was changed from pick up to curbside I'm literally letting you know I'm here now, the words "it make take a few extra minutes but I'll get it out to you shortly" could go a long way. 3) when someone doesn't know how to do something especially in the state the pandemic is is, being so "too bad" to a guest who was trying to limit exposure makes you seem cold hearted. I hate being a Karen, I don't complain, but this experience rubbed me the wrong way. I've never had a bad experience with Best Buy. But there's a way to treat your customers and a way not to. If you aren't willing to change to curbside, by all means act with even the slightest bit of empathy or help that customer for the future. But hey at least she let me know it would be put back in a few days, like that I didn't know. I then proceeded to contact a virtual assistant and that got me no extra knowledge and instead that person told me I just had to tell someone I was here for curbside, then changed it through the conversation.... I'll probably just cancel the order at this point because the more I think about all the ways the customer could have been helped in this situation, the more mad I get and it's not worth it. 

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Re: Customer service/help

All Best Buy stores have the option for curbside pickup on a  majority of the items. Did you have your phone out at the time, go to your order page and click on the button that lets them know when you're at the store? It is how they bring the items out.


I am not sure if  you reviewed this information but here it is:


The app is most helpful in this situation but if you don't have the app there should be a link in your order confirmation that says something like "Im at the store!"

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Re: Customer service/help

Hi there, bpro,


Welcome to our Best Buy forum community! However, I wish that the circumstances that made you reach out to us had been happier. I can certainly understand why our Curbside Pickup option would be appealing when you're trying to get the products you need, but have sleeping children in the car. I know I'd want to take advantage of our Curbside Pickup option as well if in your situation.


That's why it makes me sad to learn that things didn't go as planned! We're all new to the ways shopping has changed due to Covid, so it's understandable that you wouldn't know exactly how to place an order for Curbside Pickup on your first try. While it can be difficult to modify an order after the first thirty-minutes of the order being placed (as that's our time-frame to make any modifications before we work to get it fulfilled), we would still expect for the employee you spoke with to make an effort to find a solution that worked for you. If we weren't able to do that, we would then want to explain how to place an order for Curbside Pickup so it could go as planned if you tried it again.


I can understand why that interaction rubbed you the wrong way, and we're glad you spoke up about it. I'd like to share your feedback with the leadership at our Mobile, AL store so we can handle things differently going forward. Using the "Private Message" option in my signature below, can you please verify your full name, phone number, email address and order number?




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