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Customer Service



  Long time Best Buy shopper and former employee, even. I had an issue at the Manchester, CT location that was by far one of the worst shopping experiences I've been a part of. I have never reported or "tattled" on bad CS before, but this was just so outlandishly rude that I had to.

  Tuesday Novermber 24th: Went to store with a Solid State hard drive that I wished to return and put toward a laptop. I go into the store and I kid you not the gentleman at the front of the store says "What are you here for?". I tell him, and he goes on some rant about how "The store is super busy, it's not Summer anymore so there is gonna be a wait to be served blah blah blah." ... That's fine, I put my name in the queue and go to Customer Service.

  A young man is there, and I explain to him what I want to do. HOWEVER, I explicitly explain to him that I do not want the refund to go back to the original card used as that bank account has been closed. I am moving out of state soon, so I had to switch from my local Credit Union to a National Bank. I tell him this, twice. Please just issue me store credit, or wait until they can bring the Laptop I want up so we can do a direct exchange.   Simple, right?   He goes on to refund it to my original tender, then calls over a supervisor to do a post-void. The manager comes over and attempts to do a post-void. She is getting aggravated with the kid repeatedly asking him "What did you do!?" in a sharp tone. Eventually she just says, "It's not letting me do a post-void, you have to go to your financial institution and they can pay you."   I stare at them for 5 seconds and collect my thoughts.   "You guys messed up my return, and now you're telling me I have to battle it out with the bank that I no longer am associated with?"   She replies, "Yes, I have seen this happen several times and every time this is how it plays out. I 100% guarantee that your bank will pay you the money."   I go on to explain that 1. I don't think what she's saying is accurate  2. That bank branch is super far away and inconvenient  3. I didn't make the mistake so why do I have to fix it  4. I would just like my SSD hard drive back and well call it even.    She continues to be rude and claims that they cannot do that, it's not her problem, and specifically tells the person there to watch me to make sure I don't take the item. Both employees then walk away without even asking me if I need any other kind of assistance, even though I said multiple times I was there to buy a laptop.

At this point, I am fuming. I understand the store is busy, and COVID-19 has everyone on edge, but the level of CS I received was laughable at best. But I keep my cool, as I've worked in retail before and know that getting out of control never sees a positive result. So I collect my thoughts, requeue at Customer Service and wait for someone else to come up so I can request a Store Manager. The same Supervisor who was rude sees me the entire time standing in line at Customer Service and does nothing. Refuses to even make eye contact or notify somebody that assistance is needed at CS. At this point I am being flat out ignored. I wait in line for 15 minutes before a random employee comes by and asked if I'm being helped, to which I reply no I need to speak with a Store Manager. They say he is busy right now but identifies him to me and says when he gets free he will see me.

I wait a little until he is free and approach him about the situation. I explain everything, and he apparently has already been briefed on most of the situation... Which means they were able to discuss it and talk about me, all while I'm sitting there not being helped... Cool... So I inform him that I even called the bank while waiting in line, and while the person currently working there couldn't confirm or deny the Supervisor's claims that they could pay me my money, she said she has never in her time working at the bank heard of a situation like that being resolved in such a manner. To her knowledge, if an account is closed there is no way of sending the funds. This is exactly as I suspected... She says I can get an exact answer the following morning by calling the corporate bank office... So I reiterate to the Manager that I would please just like my Hard Drive back, he says they cannot do that.  I calmly ask how they intend to resolve the issue if I call the bank the next day and they say we cannot issue you a refund.   He says they 100% will, I tell him that I don't believe this to be true and once again I DID NOT MESS THIS UP so why I am being inconvenienced?   He says that if I call the bank the next morning and they say they cannot do anything, he will give me a credit for my trouble.   I explain how inconvenient all of this is for me; the Best Buy is not close, it's days before Thanksgiving, and he doesn't seem to care.   So I tell him I will return tomorrow.

Wednesday Nov. 25th: I call the bank corporate office in the morning, speak with a gentleman who confirms what I suspected. If the account was closed the funds are going to be refused, AKA there is zero chance the bank will reimburse me in any way. No cash, no check, no nothing. Best Buy will receive the funds back. I ask him for email confirmation of this so I can bring it in, he sends it to me. I can send it to whoever is reading this now if need me.

  I return to the store, go to see the Store Manager. He greets me with "You're Back..." ... Charming fellow. I show him the email, confirm to him that his employee AND HIM blatantly lied to me saying that the bank would 100% refund me and that now I have been inconvenienced having to waste my time on a situation they messed up and refused to rectify. Now the laptop I wanted the previous night is sold out and I can't even get it, so I have to get a different one. He looks over to an associate and tells him to get whatever Laptop I want and take off $100... Keep in mind the SSD I returned was $100 + Tax.... So he's not even reimbursing me what I'm owed!  At this point I know I'm going to be making a formal complaint and this guy has already annoyed me past the point of reconciliation. His tone is rude, his attitude is crap, and he seems to think customers are annoying people that have nothing better to do with their time.

  I calmly remind him that the item was worth more than $100 after tax and he gives a blank stare with no response. I check the laptop out, and leave. So at this point, I have had Customer Service botch my return, been rudely told that my problem isn't Best Buy's concern, told to handle it myself and then come back to them, called a liar, given a reduced amount to what I was owed in the first place, offered ZERO extra compensation for my time and general crappy service, and had to settle for a laptop I didn't even really want because they couldn't rectify the situation the night prior. Never once was I apologized to or even asked if I was okay with the resolution provided.

  I am a small business owner, and was actually interested in opening a Business Credit Account with you guys to use you for our computing needs. This situation has wiped away nearly all interest in keeping a relationship with this company. I have NEVER complained to a corporate office before, but I refuse to let this situation get swept under the rug. This is the worst CS I have seen, this store needs a managerial training of how to deal with escalations. I was calm and collected the entire time, and even when they were blatantly proved wrong had zero remorse or empathy for making me run around like a chicken with it's head cut off. At this point, the ball is in your court Best Buy. I'll offer a chance for this to be rectified, or basically I (or my business) will never drop a dime in your stores again.

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Re: Customer Service

Hey there, llvll8998,


Welcome to our Best Buy forum community! That said, I wish your reason for reaching out to us was a happier one. Our goal is to provide the best shopping experience possible; we know an important part of that is having returns be stress-free. That's why it makes me sad to learn that was not the case for you!


As someone who recently closed a credit card account, I can imagine how I would feel if I asked for store credit because I couldn't access any funds returned to that payment method, only for the refund to be processed there anyway. We know that you're busy and have other things to do, so I'm hurt that you weren't able to get that concern addressed immediately in our store when we realized we made a mistake. That's a far cry from the experience we would have expected, but I'm glad you took the time to share this with us.


Getting a new laptop should be a time of excitement, but I can understand how it didn't feel that way given these circumstances. My team is located at our Corporate Office, and I would like to see what options we have to turn your time with us around, along with documenting this experience.


For me to get started, can you send over your full name, phone number, and email address via the "Private Message" option in my signature below? You mentioned that your bank sent you an email confirming they didn't have a way to return those funds to you. Could copy and paste that email into your Private Message as well?





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