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Customer Service needs work at Macon, GA location

I had done my research, I walked in knowing what I wanted. Should have been a 5-10 process, easy $200 sale for your store. I was looking to purchase a graphics card. I walk over to the case they are locked in, both employees are helping customers. Cool deal, dont mind waiting. About 5 minutes later one finshes up and comes over, I tell him what I want. He says he needs to go get the keys. So far so good. I never speak to him again. He asks a manager for the key. I can see throughout the front of the store from my location. They walk into the security office. Enployee pops back out then I see him behind a register ringing up other customers. So, now we have an employee who has blown me off and a manager who knowing I'm waiting for help, puts the help I had on a register and never approached or said a word to me. The other employees in computers sees I have been standing here for about 10 minutes at this point, he walks over and I tell him what I wanted. He then goes to get the keys. He pops in the office for a moment and then spends the next five minutes standing at the security counter. I decided to put my stuff back and leave when, and I wish I was joking here, he starts dancing at the security counter. He sees me walking toward the exit and decides to finally approach and tells me they were waiting on the keys to charge. Which, it may have been true, but after being there for 20 minutes and this is the first time someone has explained what I had been waiting 15 minutes for I couldnt have cared less.

3 perfect examples from 3 different employees on how not to run a business. If any one of them had taking the minute to tell me what was going on, I would've waited and your store would be $200 richer. Instead, I will never shop there again.
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Re: Customer Service needs work at Macon, GA location

Hi there, Fendercontrol,


Thanks for taking the time out of your Holiday season to join us here on the Best Buy Forums. We do wish that you joined under better circumstances, but we would like to take this opportunity to welcome you!


I often do a lot of research before purchasing items as well, so I can certainly appreciate another savvy shopper. We want all our opportunities to interact with our customers to be extremely exceptional, but it sounds like we missed the mark here.


We appreciate you bringing this to our attention, and we will be forwarding this information to the leadership team. We hope that this will give us the chance to better serve you and all of our customers in the future.


Happy Holidays!

Quinton|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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