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Customer Service at Best Buy Covina: Complaint



I have been looking for an email address to write a formal complaint about Colby, from Best Buy West Covina, who in the absence of the Store Manager (who was out on lunch), was in charge.


I bought a chromebook last Wednesday night (Feb 27). I only opened it this afternoon, (Friday, Mar 1). It was brand new, complete with foam, in a sealed box with the instructions/manual. I bought brand new, so I expect to get a perfect product right? It was only when I closed it to put it on sleep mode did I notice that there are scratches (very minimal) on the cover (on the side). The scratches are very minimal - but that is not the point. The point is, it supposed to be brand new, so it should look and operate like a brand new product.


I called Customer Service, who redirected my call to the West Covina branch. I spoke to Colby, who after explaining what happened, told me that I had to bring it to the branch, but honestly as time was not on my side, he doubts that they will exchange (which is what I was asking for; I wanted to replace with a scratch free laptop. 


I told him how that cannot be acceptable since the laptop was just opened from the box, although bought on Wednesday, it was literally opened just today and how anyone can scratch the cover by using it is beyond me.

He then said timing was not on my side because I bought the laptop last week. We argued back and forth about how the policy was not helpful to people like me who literally just opened the laptop vs someone who bought the laptop a few weeks back.


He barely let me finish whenever I talked, and even said that I raised my voice at him (I didn't), and basically turned the tables on me and said that everything I said was false when I repeated everything he told me. He then claimed he told me that I had 24-48 hrs since I only bought it last Wednesday (he NEVER did). At that point I asked him if the call was recorded because he was lying and weasling his way out and making excuses for not listening and talking over me and that someone should listen to the conversation. He said no they dont record phone calls. How convenient. I kept asking him to let me finish through out the conversation. Truly very rude.


I told him I kept mentioning over and over again that I just bought it last Wednesday, and if he told me that I was still within 48 hours for the geek squad to have a look and see if possible to get the replacement, I would have shut up and agreed to come down asap.


He said timing is not on on your side, to which I said why didnt they tell me when I bought it I had 24 hrs to inspect it and return for any damages; to which he said:


Colby: 'well it's on the receipt'

Me: 'oh, I have the receipt, hang on let me check'

'Colby: well, it's vague, what is on the receipt' 


I had to ask him to just have the manager call me when he can (as he said timing is not on my side) to make arrangements on how I can have his team review the scratches. 


Seriously, apart from policies about products being in the best condition (before users can damage it), you should consider training and re-training your staff on better manners.


The manager called me and asked me to come down to the store so they can check. I will happily do that, hopefully they deem it damaged enough either by them or the manufacturer to replace it, otherwise that will be abnother complaint.



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Re: Customer Service at Best Buy Covina: Complaint

Hey, MEVT2016,


Welcome to the forums and thanks for the post! While we don’t currently have a customer care team that works via email, I’m glad you found us here on the forums as it’s a great way to voice this concern. A laptop should be an exciting purchase and I’m sorry to hear is was met with disappointment in this instance.


It sounds like we may have missed an opportunity to politely look into the matter and seek a resolution. For that you have my apologies. I am very happy you shared this with us as we love feedback like this here at our corporate office. Additionally, I like to hear that invited you into the store to take a look at the Chromebook as that would probably be the best path forward at this point.

Thanks again for sharing and don’t hesitate to keep us updated on how your visit to the store goes.



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