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Customer Service Survey for bad service

Hello, I was unable to find a survey to express the majority's attitude and service I recieved at the Hayden, ID store on Hwy 59. I see the surveys are random so I am having to leave a comment here. I stopped at this store in order to purchase a converter from the computer USB-c to HDMI.

Upon entry, no greeting which is odd for most stores but acceptable.

I looked in the computer area for the solution for some time with the emplyoee seeing me but not acknowleging my presence or need of assistance. He continued to assist other customers, when I finally stood infront of him as he was walking to another one and asked for some assitance. This emplyee if anyone cares can be identified at the store by the anarchy symbol tattooed at the front base of his throat.  He stood back and said, in a rude tone, I needed a mask. I had a gator face covering, apparently that was not sufficiant for him. I told him I needed to know what the port was called on the side fo the computer and if they had anything to connect it to a HDMI. He would not come near and said it was probably a USB-c and point to the area I could find the converters and a cable to go along with it. He offered no solutions. He did not assist further and went to another customer. 

I found the converter in the computer area but no HDMI cables, so I asked another employee if they had any onther cables. He pointed to the video area and stated they probably did and that they were not hard to find.  

I did find the HDMI cables and found a cable that was a on piece solution and at a lower price. On my own rather than through store assistance. I understand it was just before Christmas and they were busy but I have not ever had such treatment in a Bestbuy and I go to alot of them as I travel. 

I checkout was the only person in the store that did not have a bad attitude and was actually pleasant. He was what I normally expect from Bestbuy employees. 

Long story for what I am actually suggesting, a page link for a survey rather than a random survey. Have a random survey also if needed, but customers having to put this on the forum... one: its difficult for the customer, two: customers do not know what number to use in order for a reference point on the complaint, three: airing complaints via the forum, those could be potentially be handled better, and four: remove anarchy boy from having contact with customers.

Thank you for your time.

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Re: Customer Service Survey for bad service

Hi, JLMilne,


Thanks so much for reaching out, and for giving us that feedback, both about your store experience and ways to get feedback to us. We love hearing from customers like you, because that’s how we get better, and we want to make it easy to get us that feedback. I really appreciate you letting me know that a survey is your preferred way to let us know about your experience going forward, and that you want to be able to leave that survey for any transaction and not only random ones.


While we do require masks in our stores, as noted here, as long as that gaiter was worn properly we should have been able to assist you. And, regardless, we should not have been rude to you. I'm sorry about the poor service you received from that employee. I’m glad to hear that the person at checkout was able to help you out in the end, however.


I will document this in our corporate systems for you, both your survey suggestion and your store experience. Thanks again for taking he time to share.


Please get back in touch if we can ever support you again in the future.

Kyle R|Senior Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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