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I bought a TV for $289 Monday January 2nd and came in Thursday January 5th to see about making a possible exchange. The TV was damaged while I was installing it and I was hopeful something could be done to help me replace it. Unfortunately I was met with extremely rude and aggressive customer service. Specifically from a female employee whom I was told was a manager. This employee raised her voice with such an attitude it bordered on yelling. I asked for information in order to speak with someone else and she replied “they’re just going to tell you the same thing.” During our conversation she cut me off while I was speaking, walked away from me while I was talking and never returned. The inappropriate behavior of this employee and the manner my situation was dealt with was unlike anything I have ever experienced at a Best Buy before. No one offered me any options or helped to figure out a solution and the unprofessionalism of the store manager was ridiculous. To receive so much hostility over an item costing less than $300 and accidentally damaged after purchasing less than a week ago makes me rethink my loyalty as a longtime Best Buy customer. Disturbed by the lack of empathy and the way it was handled overall.
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Re: Customer Service Rep

Hello, dgbkiyrez588.


Thank you for reaching out to us via Forums about your situation with your visit at one of our stores. 


Getting the best experience possible is very important to us and I do understand your frustration with your situation. I would like to reach out and provide further insight into your situation and look into your visit at that store. When you can would you be able to private message me your full name, telephone number, email and order number? Having this information is necessary in looking into your situation. Please let me know soon.  


Thank you,


Riley|Senior Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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