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Customer Compaints

We drove 30 miles to our closest Best Buy today to purchase a sound bar.  We chose one we wanted to purchase, but we needed an associate to fetch it from the back.  After looking for a sales associate to acknowledge my patient presence in a line, I gave up and went looking for anyone that could help.  I stopped a fast-walking man and asked if he could help.  He was very helpful and got what we needed brought to the counter.  He said we would need a mounting bracket, but when we were checking out, we were informed that they did not have any in store.  They made arrangements to have the bracket shipped to our home.  When we got home and unpacked the sound bar, we discovered that the unit we bought had a built-in mounting system, so what we had paid for and was being shipped, was unnecessary. 


We got online and tried to cancel it, but to no avail.  We looked up the telephone number of the store on Google and called.  After listening to the phone ring for about 2 minutes, someone answered and attempted to help me, but she said she couldn't get into the system to cancel the order.  So, she gave the number to corporate (1-888-237-8289).


I called corporate and after navigating my way through the automated answers, I got a foreign-speaking gentleman.  He was unable to cancel the order because it was "in the warehouse" for shipping.  He suggested that we receive the shipment and just go back to the store (remember, 30 miles) and return it.  I told him that was unacceptable, especially when the STORE was the one that said we needed it.  He said he could send me a return label and I can slap that on there and take it to USPS, to be sent back.  He was able to refund the cost of the bracket to our credit card.


I understand from reading other forum posts that there is only a 30 minute window within which one can cancel an order.  That explains why we were unable to cancel it.  Although, we did finally get logged into our BestBuy account and cancel the order.  We will wait to see if it actually cancelled the order.


What we ended up with was a bunch of complaints that we felt compelled to report to corporate.  Alas, there is NO way to contact corporate, customer service, the head poobah in charge, nothing!  This is the only avenue we have to directly communicate our disappointment to BestBuy.


There are many posts on this forum saying the same thing.  Some dating back a couple of years.  Come on, BestBuy ... please do a better job.  A better job knowing your merchandise and not selling things that are unnecessary.  A better job answering your phones in the store.  A better job giving your customers an opportunity to suggest improvements! 


That is all.

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Re: Customer Compaints

Hi, Randi,


You are correct in your reading that we only have about a 30 minute window to cancel any shipping orders. Once that time has elapsed, we would not be able to cancel the order. 


That said, we do appreciate your feedback!


If we can ever be of any assistance in the future, we are in the Corporate office, so please feel free to let us know. 



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