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Curbside returns

I purchased a laptop 2 weeks ago that seems to be having some major software issues. It has gotten stuck in a reboot loop 3 days in a row and now it just boots up to a black screen. I live in Ontario Canada and because I bought it curbside, I can’t return/exchange even though this is the laptop I use for school so now And I was told I’m going to have to buy another new laptop. So unreasonable to not allow curbside returns/exchanges and asking your customers to spend a ton of money in getting 2 new laptops because the first one you gave them was defective. The policy needs to be fixed especially when everyone’s lives right now are online and these devices are essential.
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Re: Curbside returns

This forum is for and US Best Buy locations.  You'll want to head over to BestBuy.CA, click the contact us link, and choose a method of contact listed there to get this in front of the Best Buy Canada team.

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