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Curbside: Please get your act together

I'm complaining about the St. Petersburg, Florida store.  I made a purchase that I would ordinarily have made on Amazon, but I'm trying to support brick and mortar stores.  I asked for curbside delivery.


As per your email, I drove to the store and parked.  As per your web instruction, I entered a description of my car and waited and waited and waited.  30 minutes later I walked up to the store and asked where my order was.  They pointed to a sign that said "curbside delivery in back of store."


The St. Pete Best Buy has three entrances.  Had I entered one of those entrances I would've seen the sign.  But since I entered the parking lot from one of the other two entrances, I never saw that sign.  And your web info tells customers to pull into a regular parking spot.


When I drove around to the back, I got in line with my car and had to laugh -- there the sign says to click on the web app, pull into a parking spot, and we'll be out in 5-10 minutes.  You would think someone at that store would have realized that the signs are all incorrect for the way that Best Buy was handling curbside delivery.  And you would think Best Buy would have it together enough to not specify instructions through the app that aren't being used at all Best Buys.


So to support Best Buy I bought something that was competitively priced with Amazon, drove five miles across town to pick it up, and waited 30 minutes pointlessly because no one is thinking.  Plus the time I waited in line with my car at the back of the store.


I'm certainly willing to do my part to help brick and mortar stores.  So why does Best Buy want to make me feel stupid for giving it business?


By the way, I called the store and it rang and rang and rang -- occasionally switched to music -- but no one ever answered.  I tried your customer support chat -- after waiting 20 minutes they told me to call a number.  When I called that number it said that waits were over one hour.


So exactly why shouldn't I place future orders with Amazon?

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Re: Curbside: Please get your act together

Sounds like you got your item to me.