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Credit Card Promotional Period

Dear Best Buy,

PLEASE tell your store associates to educate customers on how this card works. IF you put a purchase on your card that is not a promotional 0% purchase, your payment will automatically go towards that purchase and not the oldest purchase. If you do not pay off your purchase in the 24 months, they hit you with a large hefty accured interest charge EVEN if you only  have $1 left to pay... Then, to make matters worse, they charge you interest ON TOP of the interest if you don't pay if off in one lump sum. So since I had about $200 left on an item under the promotion and I didn't realize my payments were going to a newer purchase, I was hit with $875 in interest!!! AND I have been charged interest on the interest for every month it wasn't paid off!!!!! SO SHADY. 

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Re: Credit Card Promotional Period

This is because of a law past by Congress years ago and applies to any and all 0 interest promotions everywhere, it isnt best buy being shady. Its literally the law that specifically states that all Payments will be applied to interest bearing purchases first.