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Cracked Sharp TV

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I recently purchased a TV in store on Sunday (6/16/19) and upon arriving to my apartment I plugged it in to find out the screen was cracked. I therefore went on the online chat to ask a representative what the course of action was and was very nicely told that I could return at any location for an exchange and that I had 30 days to do so considering I am an elite member. I then went to a location close to my job during my lunch to exchange it in Skokie, IL and was told that they would be able to exchange if I had purchased from that location. They advised me to visit the location I purchased from as they should be able to file a claim for the item and exchange it for me which I tried to do but was then told by the manager there that I was not able to return the product because it was damaged. After some arguing with the manager, he told me the only thing he could do was box up the broken tv for me so I could take it back. Very frustrating response, so I called a couple numbers (online support number 1800-best-buy and the corporate number) and was informed that they should be able to make an exception to the policy considering that it was only a day after I purchased it (originally purchased Sunday upon closing time so I was not able to return the same day) and that I received it in that condition. The manager's point to not let me return the item was that there was a point of impact on the TV and no damage to the box so he deemed it my doing. The TVs were out and susceptible to falling as there was a sale going on and the one I purchased was the furthest out so my guess is someone may have dropped the box while checking it out and put it back hoping it was fine but was actually cracked. Regardless of what caused the crack, I received it in that state and was not helped at the location. I then contacted more chat representatives who informed me that they would be able to send a return label if it was an online order but could not do anything otherwise. One of the representatives then told me on the phone that it was basically up to the managers discretion as to whether its returned or not which was extremely frustrating to hear having heard the Skokie location tell me they would be willing to accept the return if purchased there but not the location I actually purchased from (Norridge location).  The last representative on chat that I spoke to explained that I should be able to have the item picked up for a return and would be credited back as soon as the item reached the warehouse and gave me a number to contact but was informed that I could not use that service over the phone as it was not an online order and was advised to call the manufacturer (Sharp) and see if there was anything they could do to help. I called Sharp to see if there was any way the manufacturer warranty could help and was informed that not only could they not replace for me but the screen is not a part that can be ordered for repair so basically was told the TV is now worthless as it won't be exchanged not can it be repaired.
This entire situation has been very frustrating having to hear people on the phone and online tell me I should be able to exchange the TV or return it but then told to go to a store where they say they aren't able to. I was not even given an alternate solution to fix the TV or anything basically told "I could box up your broken TV that I unboxed to inspect for you (even though I had already shown a picture of what it looked like) and you can go and maybe try calling 1-800-bestbuy to see if they want to help you or Sharp themselves" 
Incredibly upset and dissarisfied with the service I've experienced and very frustrated to have bought a TV that turns out to be an utter waste of money.
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Re: Cracked Sharp TV

They generally dont tske back any physically damaged items unless they were delivered. However you can take the TV and packaging to the original store. Sometimes if they can determine if the screen damage was not do to improper handling and transportation by the customer the store manager may offer some help. New TV's are fragile enough that even not hauling them upright can break the screen, but the store manager from the store you purchased it from is your best bet.
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Re: Cracked Sharp TV

Hello, roger12196,


Thanks for joining the Best Buy Community forums. I apologize for my late reply. We’ve been very busy, and we’re doing our best to get back to everyone as quickly as we can.


Under our Return & Exchange Promise, we are not able to accept returns on damaged items. It sounds like your television as determined to be damaged, and is thus unreturnable.


I apologize that you were provided with different information about that when you called in and chatted. I’d like to look into that for you. Please send in a private message by using the link in my signature below this post. I’ll need your name, email address, phone number, and the customer service PIN from your receipt, if you have it.



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