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Complaint of service and information at the East Setauket store

We went to best buy on August 17th to preorder my husband's and my new samsung note 10 phones. Met with Zac and he asked if we ourchased the phones at best but. I explained I wasnt sure but know my phone was. He moved forward and gaveus $300 trade in for our s7 edge phones plus $150 for samsung credit. He went on and said that te cresits will go towrads out bill in 24 monthly installments. We ordered the phones and waited to be called to let us know the phones where available. We received the call and made an appoint,ent to pick them up on Monday August 26th. We wat our appointed time and waited 15 minutes for someone to help us. Evetually Dilan I believe was his name came with an attitude and asked us what he could do. I explained we were here to pick up our phones. He seemed agitiated and he tried to find our phones. He went into the back and came out after several minutes and said he couldnt find the phones and needed the recight. I said I didnt bring them but to look it upand that made him more aggitated. Finally after finding outr order he found the phones that were under a differant name. He asked about the trade in and we should him our phones and he said that the trade in as ot being accepted that Zac gave us. I asked to speak with a manager. Eventuall a team member that I dont recall her name came and said that there was nothing they could do and that the offer was not available that Zac gave us. I asked again for a manger to no avail. I told them to refund my card that we prepaid for and left the store. This is the third time this particular store has done a disservice to my family and will no longer give any buisness to best buy. i also will file a complaint with the BBB and social media