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Complaint for Horrible management of store inventory/product availability

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I know this post won't change the bad costumer experience I had, but I hope it helps prevent a similar experience to other costumers. I placed an online order for in-store pick up. If someone from your team checks the status of that order, it will show as picked up and later returned. However, the situation is not that straight forward. Let me begin by saying that actually I was never able to pick my order. I placed an order for an open box microwave (excellent condition) on 11/18/2019 for in-store pick up. The item showed as available on the Best Buy Galleria store, 5133 Richmond Avenue, Houston, TX 77056. This store is actually about a 45 min drive from my home, however I selected this store because it showed as available the exact microwave model I needed to replace a damaged one at home. And sure since it was an open box item in excellent condition, why not, I was happy to save some money in the process. I got just the perfect deal, but it was too good to be true. When I placed the order on 11/18/19, the order was supposed to be ready within one hour. Two full days passed and the order was still shown as being prepared, I called the store and no one was able to figure why the order was not ready after two full day has passed. The explanation was that it was Black Friday weekend and things were crazy at the store. I thought it wasn't a really valid excuse, but sure things do get crazy on Black Friday so I can understand orders getting delayed. I didn't get a ready for pick up e mail up until Sunday (12/1/19). I couldn't go to get the microwave on that same Sunday, so I decided to wait until today (12/2/19). I took my lunch break, from work, to go pick up the order because I do really need the microwave ASAP. I got to the store, showed my ready for pick up receipt, and they proceeded to close the order (that's why it shows as picked up). The reasoning was, let's close the order so we can gain some time, while someone goes and find the microwave. About 1 hour later, the microwave was never found and the store decided to issue a refund. A portion to my best buy credit card, and $70 in rewards back to my rewards account. However, my rewards account now shows $0 available. I need my rewards back, I didn't get those for free because I am cool. I have actually spent some money to be at at $70 in rewards. Also, I think the best buy management should make better efforts to track more efficiently product inventory/availability. I made plans around what the store showed as available. I really needed the microwave for 11/29/19, and it ended up being supposedly ready for pick up on 12/1/19. I went to get it on 12/2/19 and the microwave was never found. How could it show as available for pick up if it is not at the store? How could it show as ready for pick up and no one found it? If it is ready for pick up, doesn't this mean that someone actually prepared the order and properly stored the microwave where the items to be picked up go? 4 days after placing the in-store pick up order, I am still without the microwave needed at my home. I waited for so long at the store before I was told the store lost the microwave that I couldn't even make a quick stop at a drive thru to get lunch on the way back to my office. Thanks for taking the time to read this complaint, Rene {Removed per forum guidelines}

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Re: Complaint for Horrible management of store inventory/product availability

Hi, reneh10,


Thanks so much for reaching out to us about this. I just got the reply to the private message I sent you, so I'll be replying to that shortly. 


As I said in that message, I appreciate you taking the time to share this, because it helps us get better. I'll shortly be sending you another reply to that latest message you sent in.



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