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Complaint Best Buy Midwest City

I am appalled that my 4 day back and forth with my local Best Buy ended with me being told to order the Ipad I wanted from Amazon cause it would be faster. 

Black Friday I went into my store to buy 2 Ipads for the sale price of $459.99, only one was in stock. I asked if another one could be ordered and if the $100 off would be honored on it. He told me yes and that we could go to customer service to order or order it ourselves online either one and we could have it shipped to home or shipped to store our choice. Well the line for customer service was obviously a mile long, so I verified again I can order these myself online? He once again told me yes....Great I have a second Thanksgiving I have to travel for anyways and more shopping to do at other stores. So we leave and I get on my phone and is not letting me place an order and I didn't make it to a Best Buy before 9 p.m. that night to order through customer service. I was bummed and super upset but I was like I will see if they are on sale for Cyber Monday. Get online for Cyber Monday same price, this time I can add them to the cart but the website will not allow me to check out or complete my order in anyway. I call my Best Buy store, speak with customer service and spoke with a guy (I did not catch his name nor do I think he answered the phone with his name). I told him my issue, he asks me for the squ, I look it up on my phone and give it to him. He tells me that the system is letting him order them so he doesn't know why I can't. So I ask well these are on sale for $459.99 for what I am guessing is Cyber Monday/Black Friday, I want them for that price so do I need to come in and order them or can we order them on the phone. He tells me that is not a special for Cyber Monday or Black Friday that is just a sale price and as long as I come in before Wednesday I can order them for that price. Ok, Great! because I have 3 places to be tonight between kids practices and school events, I will come in tomorrow because I will be over there in the vicinity because of my daughters ballet practice. 

I go into Best Buy wait at customer service behind no one while 3 people are up there for a few minutes before I am helped, I am a little irritated but carry on. I tell the girl what I need to order I am wanting the Ipad 7th generation, 128 gb unlocked, I would prefer either silver or rose gold cause I prefer a white face but if all I can get is space grey I will take it. She starts looking in the system has to ask for help she kept saying she could find it. Finally someone tells her no that is the right one, she tells me all she can get is space grey, that's fine so she asks me for all of my information, e-mail address, name etc. Rings them up I look at the debit pad, she orders the smart keyboards. I tell her No...those are the smart keyboards the ones I am wanting are $459.99. So she goes back to looking, another lady comes by and she tells her I cannot find the Ipad 7th generation...they look and she tells her the system lists them only under ipad and screen size so there they are. She tells me she can only get space grey, that's fine. She rings them up, I look at the debit pad and they don't say Cellular and they are ringing up for $429.99. I tell her are these Wi-Fi and cellular or Wi-Fi only? I said I wanted Wi-Fi and  Cellular unlocked ones. So the lady that came over took over for her. By now I have been up at Best Buy longer than what I anticipated and have to call my mother to go pick up my daughter from ballet practice. So the lady starts looking and she can only get space grey. Mind you each time any of them are looking it takes about 10 minutes. That's fine Space Grey and they won't get delivered until like after the 10th, that's fine as long as its before Christmas. She rings them up and I look at the debit pad and they say $559.99, I tell her no I called up here last night and spoke do a guy at customer service who told me they would still be on sale for $459.99. She informs me that was the Black Friday/Cyber Monday price and I told her I specifically asked if it was and the guy I talked to last night said that it wasn't that it was a weekly sale price and as long as I came in before Wednesday I could get them for that price. She asked who I talked to and I said I don't kow I didn't ask his name and I don't think he answered the phone and said his name either. She told me well I will have to talk to my manager to see what I can do but I don't think I can do anything. 15-20 minutes later she finally comes back and tells me I am sure you were told that but there is nothing we can do Apple sets the price and my manager looked and said Amazon has them for $515 so you can order them from there and you get them in 2 days rather than waiting on ours.

Okay, so here are my issues with her statements and this whole process. This is my first Best Buy Black Friday Experience and I Black Friday shop every year, this year I needed Ipads and Best Buy beat out the competitors for what I wanted. I spent 10 years in retail...a major retail giant and yes there is something you can do, there is always something you can do, that Best Buy manager chose not to do anything. He or she wouldn't even come out to customer service to face me, I was a supervisor and dealt with these issues all the time and guess what when my customer service person or a cashier would come and get me I would go and talk to that customer myself not send the cashier back. I cannot believe that Best Buy has been doing Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales since Black Friday first started years ago and so many of its employees were not informed on the process of sale days. When the first customer girl the one that ordered the smart keyboards took my information she told me it was to place my order well the next day I get an e-mail saying "Thank you for joining Best Buy Rewards" I was not told my e-mail or information was going to be used for rewards and I wasn't asked to join any reward program. I don't care if it is a free rewards program I was not asked, I keep those things to a minimum cause I do not like my e-mail box jammed up with spam mail. So now I have to go through the hassle of unsubscribing myself. I also can't believe that not only would a manager choose not to do anything and not come and tell me his/herself but that I was told to go and order off of Amazon. If I was shopping for an Ipad, 2 of them at that don't you think I looked around so I checked, Amazon, Apple, Walmart, Target and I chose to go to Best Buy. If I wanted to order from Amazon I would have went to Amazon. I get on Best Buy this morning 3rd day after this incident and guess what, I can now order Rose Gold 7th generation Ipads 128 gb unlocked and the same thing in Space Grey no issue. All of these people displayed lack of knowledge and a supreme lack in customer service and I am not happy with my experience at Best Buy.