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Complaint Against Manager

Hi there,

I was in town and visited your location in Billings, MT  last week and had an experience with a Manager behind the customer service counter by the name of, Taylore.

I am not wanting to throw anyone under the bus or get anyone under disciplinary action. However, I felt that the attitude and way she handled the situation was extremely unprofessional, rude and uncharacteristic of a manager’s role. I am a Regional Vice President for a Fortune 100 Retailer,  and oversee 150 stores that employ over 12,000 people. I know an issue and training opportunity when I see one.

To make this short and sweet, I was wanting to get a receipt for an online purchase and was told by both an associate at the cash register and Best Buy’s 1-888 number, that the customer service desk in one of the stores would be a able to accommodate that. When I went in, the initial employee that I did not catch the name of informed me incorrectly on a handful of questions that I had, one being that you can not add a previous purchase to your best buy rewards card to account for the missed points (training opportunity). That aside, I had asked if she can find and print the receipt from my online purchase using the credit card that I paid for it with. She found the receipt but was unable to print it. I stated that I was told by the 1–888 number it was possible and she called Taylore over. Through the whole duration, she had such a poor attitude and was rude in her replies. I asked to speak with her supervisor  ( as I had been told incorrect things by both her and the associate, I wanted to receive the correct answers to my questions and not to complain). She immediately made a disgusted face and said that she was a manager and that her supervisor would tell me the same thing. I had said that is okay, I just wanted to speak to them. She replied very disgustedly, “he will be while”. She then aggressively walked over to the printer and handed me a paper that had the order number and continually said that she can’t print the receipt, you have to call the 1-888 number. In addition to all of this, she was on her cellphone as she originally walked over and held it in her hand, in clear view of myself and other customers as this conversation was taking place.

In reality, this situation isn’t horrible, it just demonstrates clear areas of opportunity within the stores leadership and training. Mangers are to be held to a higher standard on all fronts of a retail store's day-to-day operations, regardless of the situation or their opinion. I have many years of experience and wanted to bring this to the store managers attention for further review. I was was once a store manager and always appreciated when customers brought situations like this to my attention to help coach and develop my team.


I wanted to submit this to corporate for further review and also speak with the district or regional manager.

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Re: Complaint Against Manager

Welcome to the Best Buy forums trscott93-


Thank you for stopping by to let us know about the service you received from our employees.  Best Buy strives to provide expert service to all of our customers, but should we fall short at anytime, you bet we want to know about it!  We could only hope to improve by listening to our valued customers, and I’m wanting to see if I can lend a helping hand.


Our district managers are not available for contact, but my office is out of the Corporate Headquarters in Richfield, MN.  I would encourage you to work with me to let me know what else you were hoping to inform our district manager.  If you’re needing to add any personal information, please send me a private message by clicking the blue button in my signature line below!


I’ll be sure to keep an eye on my inbox for your reply if you’re still needing my assistance, and I’m wanting to let you know that I’ll be passing along your post so that the leaders of this location can see your feedback. 

JJ|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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