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Commendation to a consultant at Best Buy West Los Angeles

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Like other bloggers have mentioned it appears that giving a commendation to a deserving associate is quite difficult. First one needs to figure out where to go (no mention of this forum on the official Best Buy website); then there is a new registration to fill out as the one for the official website is not valid; then figure which forum to post at... really???? why is it so difficult? I would think that receiving positive remarks, or negative ones if that were the case, would be a good thing for management, and in the case of commendations, a very positive and encouraging experience for the worker.

In August I purchased a refrigerator and a wine cooler at the Pico store in West Los Angeles, California. The consultant who helped me, Lillian {removed per forum guidelines} was extremely helpful as the purchase did not go smoothly. I was in the midst of moving to another city and delivery needed to be coordinated with my move. Then the refrigerator had to be exchanged as the one I received was not what I had expected. She handled the exchange via phone (I had already moved quite far). Then the new fridge had a problem with the ice maker, so she quickly sent a replacement and someone to install it.

Unfortunately, also the wine cooler had a problem with the thermostat, and she got a replacement for that too. 

She was always gracious and prompt with my requests.  I wish all sales associated were like that! I believe they should be recognized and appreciated for the extra effort they put in toward making a customer happy... words and stickers are fine, but a monetary incentive would be much better.

I just read about the Spanks founder giving each employee two first-class tickets to anywhere in the world, and a 10,000 dollar bonus... now, that's what I call APPRECIATION!!

Please let Lillian know that I appreciated her dedication and patience very much. Also, please make this process as easy as evaluating a product or the store in general. Individual commendations are always appreciated by anyone and rewards are of course always welcome. 

Thank you


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Re: Commendation to a consultant at Best Buy West Los Angeles

Sound like you had a good experience. Just so you know we have IDEA X on the forums at the top so if there is a process you think Best Buy should follow you can pitch your idea there and get your friends to vote on it as well Smiley Happy

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