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Claim of Tablet Samsung Galaxy S5e

Dear Manager of Best Buy,


On June 16th, 2019 I bought two products from the 529 5th Avenue store in New York. One of them was a Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e-10.5“ 128 GB Black that I paid with the VISA HSBC card under the name of Gustavo Braune. The box and the content that was given to me was one 64GB and 4GB tablet. The problem is that I paid for a model and you gave me another one. I would like to know how we can solve this problem because that tablet capacity doesn’t work for me. Besides, I paid the price for another product. I was attended by Mr. Justin Roman very kindly, so I think the mistake was in the packaging. I didn’t realize before because it was a present and when the person opened it, we found out about what had happened.

I am looking forward to receiving your instructions on how to give this tablet back so you can send me the one I paid for and that really corresponds.


Thanks in advance.