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Cheated in West Hollywood Store - Can't reach anyone outside store

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This was attempted to be sent as addressed. Message didn't go through.

Therefore posting here, on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.

This is not right.




I am trying this message to you, before launching an extensive campaign to get refund and let people know Best Buy policy.


I sent a friend to Best Buy with cash to buy a specific iPad Air.

She has rheumatoid arthritis since her mid teens. 

Because of crippling hands, she now has difficulty using a standard keyboard.

She tried an iPad and it is easier for her to use.


As she was paying for the iPad, the salesperson (I can supply the name on the receipt, or I may just post it) offered her "Tech Support."

She said, "No," as I had instructed her.

The sales associate kept pushing it, and she kept saying, "No." She said that after maybe 15 tries, he stopped.


THEN, as he was ringing up the cash sale, he told her that SHE NEEDED AN ANTI-VIRUS PROGRAM on the internet or anybody could hack into her iPad and steal her data.

As it happens, last year, her computer was hacked, and this notion scared her.

He told her he could put a virus program on for $30 that would protect her.

She had only enough cash for the iPad as planned.

However, she has a credit card of mine to use in the case of an emergency.

She gave him the card.

Then he rang up a nearly $200 charge.

She said, no, that was wrong.

He explained that's just the way the receipt reads, but she was only being charged about $30.


THEN I saw the charge on the bill on the current charges in my account.

She sold me the story. 

And she told me she had to refuse many times the tech support.


IT TURNS OUT he added the tech support charge.


SO TODAY she went back to get a refund.

He told her that a refund was not possible because she NEEDED THE TECH SUPPORT TO INSTALL THE ANTIVIRUS he sold her.

She talked to the store for 30 minutes, but they refused to reverse the charge.


They did suggest she report it as fraud that she had a good chance of getting it taken off, but Best Buy WOULD NO HELP UNDER ANY CONDITION.


I am not going to let this go. I am writing you first in case you have a solution before I use other outlets to pursue and publicize this.


When the young woman went into the store with cash to buy the iPad she was in pain from the arthritis. Your sales team worn her down, then I would say essentially cheated her (which is actually me) out of $170. Then when she realized what happened and went back, she was treated with disrespect, disdain, and humiliation. No matter how cruel the world may be, this is not the right way for a major United States retailer to do business.


A FINAL NOTE: So I just got back from a visit to the store. I asked to speak to the manager. A rude man, Jesus, said he was "one of the managers." I asked to speak to "the" manager. I was told I can't, that she would be out until Thursday (this is Monday night, Jan 6, 2020). I asked Jesus for his card. He said, no. I asked for his last name. He said, no. I asked for the manager's name who would return Thursday. He said, no. I asked for her card or any manager's card. He said, no. He told me never to come back into HIS store.


Finally, what is the address I can write a formal complaint on paper to?



Best Buy

1015 N La Brea Ave
West Hollywood, CA 90038

Phone Number 323-883-0219


Thank you for your attention:

Jack {removed per forum guidelines}

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Re: Cheated in West Hollywood Store - Can't reach anyone outside store

Pretty sure you can call thier customer support number to get a refund on the tech support. If it's not in your name they may want the purchaser to call.
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Re: Cheated in West Hollywood Store - Can't reach anyone outside store

Hello, Jack,


Thank you for taking the time to write to us here on our community forums. It's certainly concerning to hear that your friend encountered an unexpected charge when making this purchase. I know I will often plan out a set amount for something so I can understand your concern to discover that she received something she didn't expect. We would be happy to help her continue to look into this to see how we can help. Your friend can reach out to us on Facebook, Twitter, here on our community forums and by phone at (888) BEST-BUY or (888) 237-8289. We look forward to hearing from her however she contacts us so we can continue to research this.

AndrewB|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Cheated in West Hollywood Store - Can't reach anyone outside store

There is not an email address, just this website