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Charlotte Store #1767 sold me used item as new

Charlotte Store #1767, sold me a used/returned Ring Chime Pro as new. At first, I did not notice that there was a broken seal on the box. When I tried to register it using Ring app, it told me the device is already registered to some other user. So, this not just a used/returned item, but also sold in unusable condition. I paid full retail price for the item, in store, today.


Is this just a rogue employee or store manager who is responsible for this? Or is this now Best Buy corporate policy to sell returned items as new? I thought Best Buy always stated explicitly if something was open box.


If a Best Buy brick and mortar store is as shady as this, why would anyone trust Best Buy over other shady online only stores?


How do I know if my TV, which is being shipped, really a brand new one or if Best Buy store is selling me an open box TV at full retail price?

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Re: Charlotte Store #1767 sold me used item as new

This was most likely a mistake at the time the return was performed in store and is not indicative of anything else. The employee should have inspected the item and then selected it was open so that it would not be returned to the floor. This is not a policy change in any way, as you can see it wouldn’t pay off anyway considering it was already active. My recommendation, return it to the store you bought it from and speak to the manager on duty. They should be able to address this with the team responsible for returns and get you fixed up.
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