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Cerritos Manager says unopened $1300 return has to be made at the best buy store i purchased from

Gonna vent. Hopefully I can make this quick.

I went to Best Buy a to pick up an online order for some speakers for our new house. Went with my wife, and while I was there a very kind and helpful sales rep convinced us to get the Sonos Playbar and Sub instead of the other speakers. $1300, but my wife was on board so I"m like.. hmm why not.

Buyers remorse happened. I realized the playbar would never be as good as an actual home theater, and i'm paying way more.

I go to closer best buy in Cerritos, CA to make the return. While i'm in line a staff person asked me for my receipt and says "Yeah you need to take this back to the Downey Store. The serial number belongs to their store". I pushed back, and i was angry. Going back and forth he finally asked if I wanted to talk to the manager. Of course I do.


Manager pretty much echoes what he says, and I just tell him, "Listen, I just wanna return this and buy a new receiver"

Manager says, "Yes i'm sorry, I understand you're upset. I can't take the Sonos stuff, but I can sell you a receiver at cost".

I'm like fine. So he did hook me up with a deal. Now I go to the Downey store to return the Sonos stuff and I wanted to confirm that I am able to return this anywhere. Downey store says yes, and that the Cerritos store was just trying to save their numbers by redirecting my return.


In short...  Manager lied to me by telling me I had make my $1300 return to the Downey Store, but buttered me up by giving me a discount.

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Re: Cerritos Manager says unopened $1300 return has to be made at the best buy store i purchased ...

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Hello ScorpionKing,


Welcome to our forums.  As a consumer, one of the things I appreciate most about Best Buy is being able to return or exchange most products at any location, even if it wasn’t the same one as where I made my purchase.  I’d be pretty shocked if I was told that wasn’t possible.


While we do collect serial number for particular products at the time of purchase (namely activated devices), they don’t necessarily “belong” to a particular Best Buy location.  Our store managers do reserve the right to exercise their discretion over every transaction that takes place in their store, but I can certainly understand why you’d feel frustrated at this experience.  It's never acceptable for any employee of ours to lie to a customer, so I hope you can accept my apologies for any inconvenience this encounter may have caused.


Please know I will make your remarks available to our Corporate teams for further review.  If you have any other questions or concerns, feel free to reach back out anytime.



Sam|Retired Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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