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I cannot use my cell phone

Dear sirs,

I have bought, on January 25th, 2018, an Iphone 8, in Best Buy shopping, in Memphis.

When I was in the shop, the salesman told me that I could use that phone in Brazil, with no problem.

I tried to use the phone and is blocked by Sprint.

I contacted Sprint and was informed that I needed an account and I dont have an account.

I called again to Best Buy and the operator told me that, unfortunately, the cell phone only can be used in US.

Please let me know how can I solve this problem.

Thanks, in advance!


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Pathetic Customer Service and False information

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I purchased an iphone X 64 GB from Central City Westland MI 48185 store. I enquired about the phone and told that I will be relocating to India so want an unlocked phone that can be used by any carrier. The support staff assured me the same and purchased the phone for which on bill it is mentioned that its a Universal phone. I used a prepaid sim in US and able to activate the phone and make calls, when I came back to India and tried an Indian Carrier I was unable to do so.

On calling your agents, I had to call them around 5 times and was always put on hold. finally I had a word with the store manager and she denied that the phone can be used anywhere outside. I feel cheated with you guys as you gave me a false statement at the time I purchased the phone.


Stop cheating us. My hard earned $1060 is duped by you.




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Blocked iPhone 6S - Model A1634

Hello! My name is Junior, i'm from brazil and need your help.


I bought a cell phone in the new york store but it's blocked


The device was purchased as unlocked.


i'm now in brazil and can't uses the phone with a local carrier


Apple's Support said that the problem should be resolved with the best buy.

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Sale of IPhone blocked in Brazil

Good afternoon, my name is Paulo and I got an Iphone8 plus on Best Buy from Anderson SC. At the time of purchase the Seller told me that it was unblocked to Brazil, but so far I have not been able to use it. This was in early December and so far, only emails requesting contact with Apple from Brazil and Apple from Brazil request Contacting Best Buy. Would like to know if anyone could help me.
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Iphone 7 plus purchased form best buy not working internationally i.e in india.

Hi Best Buy,


My colleague brought iphone 7plus which is unlocked version form US to India for myself.When I try to activate it says sim invalid please contact carrier.


After multiple searches about that we got to know it is universal phone which can work only in US for all networks..

When we where buying the store person mentioned it will work all across the world.are youpeople trying to cheat people.?

once we are out of counrty how are supposed to return?if i am not retruning that coutnry nor i am have any friends der what are we supposed to do?

the policy sales 15days .he was there for 3 weeks and purchased on 27th feb and today I recieved the phone(14th march) and tried toactivate it.But we couldnt do that.and all ready 15 days over and on top of that we have to $35 extrat if it is opened or something?

this issue is not faced by one or two people.N number of people have faced this?what have u done to address this issue so far.?The number's keep on increasing witht the same issue.since we paid full money what price we get for unlocked and still it doen't work it is really embrassing situiation and we dont know how to activate that it is just a box which cost me 700$.


when i try ro visit apple store they say they should provide the carrier and then it get unlocked or the code to unloacked.either  of the solution is not possible .Coz i dont have anything of it?What am i supposed to do.?

Why you people have kept the name as Unlocked iphone?Beset buy is mis guiding the people and making money out of it without  providing any solution even after number of the same issue is getting increased day by day?


Should we sue the company for clearing not telling it will work only in US ?how can tourist know what is the meaning of unviersal mentined in the reciept of invoice?Universal meaning it should work all around the country and u people are misguding the customer.?This is not fair at;s  a BOX which is waste of 700$  which is a huge amount.


Please provide me the solution at the earliest.


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IPhone X blocked by your regional policy

Hi, i bought an IPhone X and travelled to Brazil. As I try to put my SIM card, the phone says it is incompatible. I contected Apple, which says my sim card its not working because your regional policy. Therefore, I would like to unblock this phone, thanks!

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Re: I cannot use my cell phone

Hi Vitor,
I have the same problem with my iPhone in Germany and Sprint.
Did you already solve the problem?
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Re: I cannot use my cell phone

Here is what I did

1. I called Apple. The 1st rep said they cannot help since it was bought from BestBuy.

2. I saw a few comments that ppl bought a verizon sim from ebay and that worked. so i bought and shipped a VRZ sim from ebay and shipped it all the way to Malaysia. It reached a month later and that did not work for me either.

3. I called Apple again. This time the CSR did some additional digging and said the phone was locked by ATT (my carrier in US). She conferenced ATT who removed the lock. I was asked to RESET the phone, set it up and it has worked since.


I think when you buy the phone from WorstBuy, it automatically locks it to the network the buyer of the phone is on - in my case ATT (though i specifically told them it is not for me and it is for my sister in Malaysia where ATT does not exist.) 

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Newly bought iphone X locked in China

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Dear Sirs, My newly bought iphone X at Best Buy does not work in China!!! I bought the iphone X at Best Buy #1036 on March 18, 2018 under Customer Service PIN {removed per forum guidelines} and went back to China on March 28 after finishing my trip to US. After going back to China, I tried to activate the iphone X but failed, as it displayed “SIM invalid”. I was told by Apple store in China that iphone Xs sold by Best Buy had been locked by US carrier! According to my understanding, the iphone I bought at Best Buy is an unlocked and SIM-free one, because I told your staff my requirement clearly, I paid the full price of the unlocked and SIM-free iphone X, and the receipt does not give any locked information! Could you please let me know how to deal with the case? Who is the US carrier locked my iphone? And how can the phone be unlocked? Can you unlock or contact the carrier to unlock my iphone? The iPhoneX information: UNV IPHONE X 256GB SILVER IMEI:{removed per forum guidelines} Best Buy is always my first choice in US. Your immediate attention would be highly appreciated.

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Re: Newly bought iphone X locked in China

UNV IPHONE X 256GB SILVER IMEI, is a "Universal model" hence the UNV which will lock to the first US Sim card installed. It then can be unlocked by that carrier (depending on the carrier and Sim card). BeStuy doesn't sell an "unlocked" model, only the UNV ones.