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Re: Cell Phones Bought for International Use at Best Buy

Same thing happened to me with buying an iPhone 7 from BestBuy. I am just over the 15 day return period. As an American living abroad, bought it to use in Denmark. Came back from the holidays, put my Danish SIM in, and the phone is locked with the SIM being invalid. I was outraged to have been mislead by the sales associate and that Best Buy sells at full retail price locked iPhones! 


Luckily I found this forum and had my Verizon SIM with me. Put my SIM in and after connecting to iTunes the phone got unlocked. Now I'm able to use my Danish SIM. 


Best Buy should either inform their sales associates about the nature of their phones or sell unlocked ones, but don't waste people's time and money. 


I'm sure coming from all of us, you lost another costumer. 

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Unlocked phone

Hi, I recently purchased an "unlocked" phone from Best Buy in Florida, when I was on vacation there. I returned to my home country and put in a new SIM card, now it's asking me for a pin to unlock it. Can anyone advise me please?

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Re: Cell Phones Bought for International Use at Best Buy

Is this asking for a password or does it ask for the Sim Pin? Depending on the SIM card, it may ask for a pin. If you do not have the pin, you may need to reach out to the carrier who issued the SIM card for next steps.

Hope this helps.
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Re: iPhone 7 locked

not true,its only good for the first sim that was inserted,not for all US carriers.

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unlocked iPhone bought but not unlocked

july 23rd bouguth an iphone 8 unlocked on columbus circle store in new york and paid the value of an unlocked phoneUS$599,

I lived in Brazil and this morning when arrived home put my local sim card and it didint work as apperas to be locked

Try to call the store for more than an hour with no success.


Please somebody help me

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Re: unlocked iPhone bought but not unlocked

The iPhones sold at Best Buy are Universal US Carrier unlocked, not internationally unlocked. So they're intended to work with any US carrier. There is a giant forum thread about the Universal iPhones I believe stickied to the top of this forum.

The only real outcome I've seen from this is that you have to either mail the phone to someone in the US to return it for you, or bring it yourself. But it has to be returned within 14 days of purchase to Best Buy.
I am not a forum moderator nor voice of corporate. One of the corporate moderators will be with you as soon as they can for the official response from Best Buy. The forums work on a first come, first serve basis and it can take a while for a response.
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Paid $749 for an unlocked phone - But Best buy sold me a LOCKED PHONE

I paid $749 + tax for a iphone 10XR a month back. I wanted an unlocked phone so that I can use it across the globe and across carriers. I went on vacation to India and frustrated that my phone was a locked phone. After coming here, I tried a different US carrier  SIM here and doesnt work again. Upon calling AT&T, they are said I am using a LOCKED AT&T Phone. 


Very frustrated having paid $749. 


Can you please help ? 

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Re: Paid $749 for an unlocked phone - But Best buy sold me a LOCKED PHONE

Items that best buy sells are designed to be used in the United states. In this case they sell "universal iphones" that will lock to the first US sim inserted. After that happens it's up to the vendor of that sim if they will unlock it. Best buy has no way to do it.
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iPhone locket to use in my country

I bought one iPhone MX Max at Best Buy to use out of the US.

Now, I can´t use in my country (Brazil) because this phone is locked by US Reseller Flex Policy.

When I bought, I said that I need a phone unlocked.

How do I solve this?

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Purchased phone from bestbuy cash and it’s locked

I purchased a phone from bestbuy and it’s locked. I am now in Europe stuck with no phone because it’s locked to the first carrier cricket. And cricket has no clue how to remove it. They’d like try this link. Call this number. And they don’t understand I can’t. Because I’m already in Europe.
Don’t purchase phone cash from bestbuy.