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seller sold me the wrong version of iPhone7 and no one seems to know how to solve the problem

Hello, I live in Brazil and I bought an iphone 7 at saint joseph best buy store and I paid for unlocked handset value. I asked a hundred times if it would work here and the seller confirmed. When I arrived in Brazil, I took my cell phone to my service provider and it didn't work because it is blocked. I  talked with someone at the website chat, then emailed the store and talked with two different emplowees that tooked forever to answer me and when they did, didn't help me at all and then stopped answering me. The solution they gave me was to return to the store, but I live in brazil and don't expect to return to the US soon. I need my phone unlocked so I can use it. They said only the carrier would solve it, but I don't even know wich carrier is it since I bought an UNLOCKED version. Now I'm stuck with an iphone that doesn't work, locked to a carrier that I don't know and didn't sign up for, can't return the phone because I lost the 14 day return policy trying to contact the store. Your costume service is terrible, the error was the seller's and you can't even solve the problem. 

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Re: seller sold me the wrong version of iPhone7 and no one seems to know how to solve the problem



This is certainly a crappy situation to discover after returning to Brazil. The options you have already been provided is really the only options available to you. You could try to contact the Best Buy store from which you purchased, speak to a manager for the mobile department and ask for them to assist you in a return, but this is no guarantee. In these situations, the responsibility of the situation falls on the consumer. I realize that is unfortunate to hear, but it's the truth. 


Best of luck with this!

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iPhone 6S Plus locked


I bought an iPhone 6S plus recently from the bestbuy store of martinsburg, WV and I was informed at the store that the phone can work overseas in Egypt without having to deal with unlocking it. I purchased the phone and traveled with it overseas to Egypt. Unfortunately, when I have arrived to Egypt and tried it, it didn’t recognize any of the Egyptian carriers’ installed SIM cards, and appeared to be locked. The problem is that I am not going back to the States until next year or so, and I really don’t trust anyone here unlocking my device properly.

The phone is paid in full and as I understand as long as the phone is paid in full, the carrier can unlock it for us for free. But I do not know what is the carrier of this phone. Would you please assist me with unlocking it? I have the receipt handy should you need it. Are you able to contact the carrier and have it unlocked for me? Or perhaps propose anyway that can help me fix this issue?
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Best Buy : Please Don't Cheat Your Customers

I bought two iPhone 6 S in a Best Buy in Dayton Miamisburg in March 27. The Best Buy sales person told me that the iPhone was unlocked and could be used with a SIM card form any carrier all around the world.
I believed him and bought the item.

I just got back in my home country, and I tried to use the iPhone with a SIM from my home country carrier, but found out that the iPhone is not unlocked. The display shows this exactly message:
“The SIM card you currently have installed in this iPhone is from a carrier that is not supported under the activation policy that is currently assigned by the activation server. This is not a hardware issue with the iPhone. Please insert another SIM card from a supported carrier or
request that this iPhone be unlocked by your carrier.”


Now I return back to USA and tried to return both iPhone to Best Buy , they are not ready to return back because of 14 days return policy .


My question is

1. If i paid whole ammount for Unlocked phone then why Best Buy sales person has given me locked phone ?
2. I was out to the country for 2 weeks (I have my air ticket ) with me , why I should take all pain if mistake done by Best Buy sales person .Why best Buy  not returning both iPhones .

3. I bought this phone as a gift and I'm so embarrassed infront of my relatives.



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Re: Cell Phones Bought for International Use at Best Buy



I purchased iphone X 256gb from Best Buy in Vancouver, WA on 27.March.2018. I paid for it in full. ($1,249.99 + TAX) for use in foreign country. When I arrive to Thailand for active the iphone but there is showing SIM Not Supported. Before I buyinh I aske to seller for confirm to use this phone in foreign country. He said yes.



Any help is greatly appreciated! 

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Re: Cell Phones Bought for International Use at Best Buy

The following worked for a few users but not for me - order a US based SIM from eBay (t-mobile, verizon, at&t). insert it in your phone and see if it activates it. This did not work for me.


Here is what did - I use at&t as my carrier. Though the phone i bought from BB was for my sister in Malaysia (where at&t does not exist), I think BB linked it to at&t (by recognizing my phone number belongs to at&t so the NEW phone was automatically LOCKED to at&t).

1. I chatted with at&t and they said the phone was NOT locked by them.

2. I called them and same response.

3. I called apple the first time and they said they cannot help since I bought the phone from BB

4. I called a few days later and they were able to see that the phone is locked by at&t. they conferenced at&t and explained the situation. at&t then unlocked the phone after asking a few basic questions. I had my sister power cycle the phone and it worked. what is the message you see when you insert a SIM.


lesson is - NEVER buy anything from BB. I just bought 2 iPhone X’s for India and Malaysia. Both from Apple. They have specific models that work better in specific countries. BB did not tell me any of that. I dont think they even know it.


What is the error message you see?


Good luck!

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Re: Cell Phones Bought for International Use at Best Buy

Just got caught in the same trap!

Bought an Iphone from Best Buy and the employee confirmed ... " as long you pay the full price for the unlocked phone, it will work with any carrier" big liars ... I think they do it just to sell and cash as much as they can!

Lots of people are getting fooled by them. I was one of them ... now, with a $900 cllphone on my hand that worth nothing out of USA.

Need just a small group of people that had the same problem to file a lawsuit against Best Buy! 


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Unlocked Iphone X can not read Chinese Sim card

I bought unlocked IphoneX on 3rd of June, and i bring to China and insert Chinese SIM card, phone can not read it, can not activated and I went to Apple store, they check this phone is locked version. Need help urgently!!!
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Re: locked phone

I literally have the exact same problem. Where you able to do anything about it?

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Re: Cell Phones Bought for International Use at Best Buy

Is it possible to return iphone, which was not activated, was not used, after 14days period? In fact, I was deceived by your shop assistants who persuaded me, that (UNV) iphone will work in Europe. It's your fault that you don't explain customers all the details which they simply don't know as foreigners. I've paid a lot of money and I can't use my iphone abroad. I am ready to return it to your shop in USA, but 3weeks later after buying it. Will you help me?