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Cannot get my screen protector replaced at my local BB store!

In 2020, I purchased a new glass screen protector warranty and today was denied a pleasant customer service experience today at my local store at 30178 Haun Road Menifee, CA. I visited the cell phone accessories department when the associate redirects me to customer service for my replacement request. The gal at the guest desk asks for the phone number associated with the class cover warranty. Having difficulty processing my request, she calls another a female associate over for help. The second associate tells me I owe an upgrade difference of $10.87 as the tempered glass for my iPhone is “out of stock.” She then instructs me to remove my current glass protector. At this point I am enormously frustrated with the tone and unpleasant experience and explain to the associates that I am not paying for an additional upgrade for a warranty service I have prepaid two years prior. She tells me that the product for the class cover will be available this July 20th. When I tell her I will wait until the glass is delivered to store, I am told that was not going to happen unless I surrender my current tempered glass. When I asked for an accommodation to waive the upgrade for a glass cover they had available in stock, I was denied. Why on earth would I further compromise my iPhone glass screen with removing my current tempered glass with an unavailable and out-of-stock protector while waiting two weeks for a replacement? I already surrendered $24.99 for this replacement service and am told the product is unavailable. When I asked to have the upgraded glass balance waived I was denied! When I addressed the morbidly obese manager who was comfortably sitting on a chair greeting guests for aid in locating local BB stores who had the tempered glass shield in stock, I am told to revisit the customer service desk! I contact the BB hotline and am redirected to India. I terminate the call as they recommend I address my complain to the store manager, which was already unsuccessful. In efforts to contact the next BB local store for inventory check, I locate BB in Murrieta’s number, again the call is rerouted to India. I am without resolve and desperately need for my warranty fulfillment without removing my current tempered glass and compromising my iPhone screen until the product is available for immediate exchange. This by far is the poorest customer service I have ever experienced with BB and am now understandinh why this company is struggling.
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Re: Cannot get my screen protector replaced at my local BB store!

Hi there! 


Thanks for reaching out to us here on Best Buy Forums. This is far from the experience that we strive for our customers to have. 


Kindly send me a private message with your full name, phone number, and email address. I'd be happy to look into this further and assist however I can.

Ravi|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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