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Can't purchase extended warranty for Powerbeats Pro headphones?

I want to purchase an extended warranty for Apple / Beats Powerbeats Pro, which I purchased at the store in Newnan, GA. I went back to the store a few days after purchase and asked to purchase the extended warranty, but an employee told me this particular product doesn't have any option to purchase an extended warranty. I find that is difficult to believe, because this is exactly the type of product I would consider purchasing the plan for.


The reason I want to purchase an extended warranty is because of this past experience: I purchased Apple AirPods in 2017 and the right side started acting strange. The problem went away for a while, then it started happening again after the manufacturer's warranty had expired. My experience with the AirPods is why I want to purchase an extended warranty for my Apple Powerbeats Pro.


A few more days have passed since I tried to purchase an extended warranty in the store for the Powerbeats Pro. A Google search for "geek squad protection headphones" takes me to this page:


There is a list of many types of products that Geek Squad protection offers coverage for. "Headphones" and "wireless speakers" are in the list. Can someone please let me know if it's possible to purchase the extended warranty and perhaps the store employee was wrong about this? THANK YOU!

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Re: Can't purchase extended warranty for Powerbeats Pro headphones?

The employee was correct, while at one point Geek Squad Protection was offered on Beats products it is no longer available.  Due to different vendor agreements, there can be certain brands even within a certain qualifying category that do not have a Protection Plan available.  Case in point, we no longer offer Geek Squad Plans on Apple iPhones or computers and instead offer Apple's own AppleCare. 

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Re: Can't purchase extended warranty for Powerbeats Pro headphones?



Welcome back to our community. Geek Squad Protection (GSP) is a great way to protect your devices and I'm happy to hear that this is the kind of coverage you want for your headphones. 


jdogg836 is quite right. While GSP is available for many, many, many products, it is not available for all. Sadly, it does not appear that AppleCare is available for this product either.


I regret I do not have better news for you, but I hope this helps. Thank you for writing to us.

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