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Camera Lens Re-Stocking Fee


           I can understand a re-stocking fee for items returned open and will admit I signed the statement when I purchase a 1000 dollar lens 8 days ago.  After opening it I realized the lens was not the correct one for the camera I also purchased that day with no advice given from the sales clerk mind you.  That is okay though as I understand I should of done more research on my end.  The problem I have is that when i tried to return said lens in order to then also purchase the correct lens at almost the same value ($1000.00) I was told I still needed to pay 15% for Re-Stocking.  That is $150.00 for someone to verify what it is and basically stick a piece of tape on it and set it back on the shelf.  Sorry Best Buy, but I do not validate that!  Usually I am very happy with your store, have been for 35 years.  From now on I will leave it to the real experts.  





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Re: Camera Lens Re-Stocking Fee

That does stink about the restocking fee. However I remember having to sign and I got hit with the restocking fee when I returned my lens a few months ago. They do make you sign before processing the transaction.
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Re: Camera Lens Re-Stocking Fee

Hi, Fireack-


Welcome to Best Buy online forum.


Purchasing a camera along with the camera lens can be a very involved experience. There a lot of aspects to take in consideration, Best Buy has many resources both online and in the store that our customers can take advantage to make an educated purchase. It is disappointing to learn that the Blue Shirt members did not offer guidance in your purchase. 


We appreciate the time you dedicated to share your experience on the forum. Your feedback regarding the restocking fee is welcome, especially when you are seeking to exchange the lens. As you mentioned in your post, Best Buy tries to make sure that our customers are aware of the restocking fee before they finalize the purchase, as to avoid confusion.


Just like the forum welcomes feedback, so does the store leadership. Did you get a chance to speak with store leadership while you were seeking an exchange at the store? 



Thank you,

Karina|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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