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I would like to share the awful experience I had Best Buy store #1494, located 9581 SAGE MEADOW TRL, FORT WORTH, TX 76177.

Saturday, November 10, 2018 at about 7:42pm, I came into the store to kill some time with a friend of mine, while my wife was next door shopping at Ulta. I had ZERO interest in purchasing anything, as I wasn’t in the market for anything. But, then became curious to see if and when I qualified for an upgrade. At that time, Cole, “Verizon Expert” per his badge, from the Best Buy Mobile department, offered to help me. He pulled up, my then, AT&T account and said that I can upgrade my two lines but would have to pay the $80+ dollars due to upgrading early. I then mentioned to him that I was mostly interested in upgrading and also transferring to Verizon. He then stated that he had a “deal” going on that offered a credit of $120 per line on my first bill for transferring, should I choose to switch and that it was a special that was “ending today”. My wife came into the store and I explained to her what was going on. I then asked Cole, what would happen to my (2) old iPhone X’s? He responded that all I would need to do is return them to AT&T once he printed a “shipping label”. We went ahead and proceeded with the transaction. He said that he attempted to pull up the shipping label to return the old phones but that it wasn’t coming up. He then instructed me to go to an AT&T store the following day, to return the phones and that there was one across the freeway. After he ported my (2) numbers, upgraded my (2) phones to the iPhone XS Max, I convinced my friend (who was with me) to switch services from T-Mobile to Verizon. Cole said he could offer the same deal. My friend kept his old iPhone X though, and decided to hold off on getting a new phone but still wanted the Verizon network. Once we finished up, I got home and began the backup to iCloud. Took me well over 4 hours on each phone, due to the 200gb of data on each device. On Sunday, I proceeded to the AT&T store that Cole mentioned to me, located across the highway. Waited two hours in line, to get a representative to assist me, and to then tell me I had to go to a “Corporate” building as they were not able to do any billing there -complete waste of time. The “corporate building” was located off Western Center Blvd. I head to that AT&T store, to find out from one of the representatives there, that I “am responsible to pay off the remaining $622 on EACH of the devices” and that “there is no such thing as returning iPhones back to AT&T since it was passed the 14 days return policy” (which of course was well over that, since I purchased my original (2) iPhone X’s from the same Best Buy store last year in December). At this point I was beyond furious. I head back to the Best Buy store, and Cole was not there. I requested to speak to a manager. There apparently was no manager on duty that could resolve this issue and was told to come back this Thursday, November 15. The gentleman that informed me to come back (don’t know his name, but is slim, has facial hair, with long beard, wore a black shirt and said he’s worked there for over 2 years and has never seen this happen he said) mentioned that he could refund me my money back, and that I could return the devices, and port my numbers back to AT&T. Upon attempting to do so, AT&T’s system was down. He then stated that I could redo the entire purchase and get a credit of $400 for each of my old devices, and that I’d be turning them in, and lastly, that I’d be responsible for the remaining balance, on top of the final bill and early “upgrade fee”, totaling to near $1,000 out of pocket! I told him absolutely not and that is was a huge rip-off! This got me even more mad. I told him if that’s the best he could do, that I’d be writing this complaint to find out a better resolution. He stated that he was very limited on what he could do, in fact, and that he may be able to get a supervisor/manger to help pay a portion of my old phones but that no one currently in the store could help as they don’t have the power. I do want to stress that this has all been a horrible, HORRIBLE experience.
I’ve NEVER had any problems with this Best Buy store, in addition, I’ve purchased many things from this specific store, and have spent thousands of dollars. It is very unfortunate that Cole was not so much the “expert” as his name tag states, and has caused me to stress, waste so much time, and efforts. What next?!
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Good afternoon jchavez211-


After receiving such a high bill it would be understandable to reach out to us on the Best Buy forums for assistance.  Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to point you in the right direction!


I’m going to have to ask you to work with the store to see if they’re able to partner with our carrier representatives to make the necessary changes you were hoping for.  Although I cannot promise a different outcome will take place, I’m wanting to let you know that you’re still within your Return and Exchange Promise of 14 days from what I can see.  

Should you have any questions after working with the store, know that we’ll be here ready to help!


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