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Buyer Beware - Terrible experience with open box purchase

I purchased an open box 65 inch LG OLED tv from best buy.  I called twice two ask if they could deliver it, they said no even though it should have been possible.

Ok, whatever, I rent a van and drive an hour to pick up the tv.  Everything is curbside pickup because of COVID-19.  I give my name and pull my van to the curbside pickup, open the back, and am inside the van.

Two employees come and start trying to load the tv in the back of my van without saying anything to me, giving me a chance to inspect the purchase, consulting with me on how the tv should be loaded.  Literally nothing, zero communication.  Furthermore, the employees clearly did not know how to handle or load the tv for transport properly.  These are very fragile OLED panels, LG says in all their manuals to ensure weight is distributed evenly and no uneven pressure is placed across the panel or it will crack.  They did the opposite.  They attempted to load it in a way that it was leaning sidewise with most of the weight along on the top edge of panel, causing the panel to bend. No one who understands how to handle these tvs should ever think it's ok to set them down in this kind of position.  I was caught off guard and forced to react immediately to try to mitigate the situation before the tv broke.  I stopped them and had them move the tv to the edge of the bed to evalutate the situation.  At this point the employees left.  The way that the tv was bubble wrapped was extremely uneven, multiple wraps around the top half and only one on the bottom.  This, coupled with the situation the employees created, was causing it to bend across the middle looking like it could break.  There were no employees outside at all at this point, I looked around for some help but decided my girlfriend and I should try to get the tv back out of the van before it breaks.

Of course, somewhere in that process, the corner of the tv was bent and cracked.

A few different employees came outside to talk but would not listen to our story of what happened and refused to take any blame for the situation.  Mind you we are still at the curbside pickup.  A few employees say they'll "see what they can do", and then come back and have the nerve to tell us we can buy a new tv with a $100 or so discount... while we are sitting there with the broken tv.

I didn't know what to do at that point, and I wanted to get things in writing, so I left the store with the intention of following up communication over email.  Well, I did, and apparently the manager that was there at the time is still refusing to take the return.  She tells me a claim was filed and to call customer service, I call customer service and they tell me to speak to the manager. I keep going in circles and no one wants to take responsibility; meanwhile I'm sitting here out 1.5k with a broken tv.

This could have easily been preventible if someone would have just communicated with me. I would have noticed the uneven bubble wrap and asked it to be re-wrapped. I would have asked that it be with the flat side of the tv facing down, so the weight was distributed evenly. Everything would have been ok. If the employees were going to take the initiative to just load it themselves without consulting me first, I'd at least expect them to be trained or knowledgeable in handling such a delicate oled panel.

It's unbelievable that they are blaming me for their negligence. I've never been treated worse as a customer. My family and I have been long time best buy customers, but I don't know if that's going to be the case moving forward. This is a nightmare.

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Re: Buyer Beware - Terrible experience with open box purchase

Hello, jg3, 


Welcome to the forum, and thank you for reaching out to us. I wish you had found us under a better circumstances, though. Purchasing a new TV is incredibly exciting, so I'm sure you were ecstatic to find a great deal on an open-box LG OLED.


Our employees should be sure they handle TVs with care at all times, but especially so when an open-box TV is missing it's packaging. It sounds like this experience was far from the experience we hope to provide, and that your attempts to receive assistance have not provided any superior experience either. I would be delighted to take a closer look at this with you, so please keep an eye on your inbox in the top right corner of the page for my private message. 



Tasha|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Buyer Beware - Terrible experience with open box purchase

Just to follow up, Best Buy still refuses to admit fault for breaking the tv at the curbside pickup and will not let me return it.


They've stuck me with a $1500 broken useless tv.  I'm never buying from them again, and I suggest you do the same.


You've been warned!