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Broken Tv out of box return/exchange

Purchesed a samsung tv at the downey landing store in CA on 1/24 online. I picked up the tv the same day which was going to moms new place that she's moving into. 10 days later I set up the tv and the screen is cracked. Called  coporate and they told me to take it back to the store to get it exchanged. Went to the store and the manager said they were not liable for that cracked screen and that the Geed Squad warranty didn't cover it and he went again and refunded my geek squad money. I told him the tv was cracked out of the box. He replied no way that the broken screen was done by them. He said he wouldn't give me any credit and I had to take a loss. Called Samsung corporate and they couldn't do anything and called Best Buy corporate and couldn't do anything either. Can someone please help. Thats $500 down the drain.

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Re: Broken Tv out of box return/exchange