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Bought a open box TV that does not work - want to get a new one delivered and pick up of broken tv

Hi! I have been on the phone for an hour and fifteen minutes trying to get a person to help me. I got re-routed many times to other departments, and stuck in menus of the customer service hotline and the store itself.

Yesterday I bought a Toshiba firetv 32 inch at the Coventry Road store in Ottawa- I meant to get the one on sale for $229 but accidentally picked up an open box. I was told nothing was wrong with at the cash and that it is under warranty etc etc. So I thought I would save the extra 30 bucks. 

However, I now know why it was returned. It doesn't work. It turns on, but doesn't do anything after that. I trouble shooted all day yesterday and had many intelligent people look at it for me. I just want to exchange it now. 

I want to exchange it for the regular Toshiba (not open box) and have Best Buy deliver the new tv and pick up the non-functioning TV.

It looks like if you bring it into the store yourself, there is no problem.


However, I had a ride to store yesterday while I was moving into my new apartment, and now no longer have access to a car. I would have to take a taxi (it's about 10 or 15 mintues from my house in a car) with a big bulky tv - there and back. If I have to do that, I don't think I will be buying the new TV from BestBuy, just returning the non-functioning TV.

It is extremely difficult to get someone on the line in person to arrange this.

Any advice for me? 



Stuck with a broken product and just wanna watch tv

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Re: Bought a open box TV that does not work - want to get a new one delivered and pick up of brok...

Good morning, BlytheFraser,


Welcome to our community.  Having been on the receiving end of damaged goods before, I know how frustrating of an experience it can be to try and find a solution.  I was unhappy to hear that the TV you picked up isn’t functioning as it should.


As it turns out, these forums are only intended to support our customers here in the United States.  I would encourage you to contact Best Buy Canada for further assistance with your concerns.


I hope this helps.  Thank you for writing to us.

Sam|Retired Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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