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Bought TV, no power cable



I purchased a 55 inch TV and picked it up at the store (curbside).

After unboxing at home, I noticed that there was no power cord included with the TV.  I called Best Buy store to complain and the best they can do is to tell me to bring back the TV to the store and exchange it for another unit that has a power cord.  


This TV is not the easiest to transport as it is heavy.  Why can't Best buy just send a power cord to me? Why can't I go to the store to pick up a power cord?  Doesn't that make sense rather than have me haul the TV back to the store?


Why Best Buy prefers to inconvenience a customer is beyond my comprehension.


Can someone help with this issue?

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Re: Bought TV, no power cable

Manufacturers do not send extra power cables to Best Buy, so there is not one to ship out.  Oftentimes, this is handled by exchanging the product, hence bringing the tv.  Hope this clarifies the store's request. 

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Re: Bought TV, no power cable

Often times, manufacturers print on the manual, do not return the product to the store, contact us for a resolution. You would be surprised at how quick of a turn around they do on thie shipment of the replacement items. So you may wait a day or two for your part but they will get it to you!



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Re: Bought TV, no power cable

Hi there, Silkspectre,

Thank you for taking the time to connect with us here on the Best Buy Forums, although I am sad to hear that the power cord was missing on the new TV you purchased. Users jdogg836 and hockeycanuckjc both point out why they may have requested to exchange the unit, and another support route that can be taken based on the circumstances at hand. With that said, I can understand wanting to explore if there are any other routes that can be taken at this time. 

For clarification, have you since received additional support with this? Let me know, as I'd be glad to assist however possible.

Best Regards,

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