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Bought Samsung RU7100 75 in, outerbox saysRU7100 but TV inside is NU7100

I purchased my tv last black friday on 11/23/19.  Store had a better deal on RU7100 with the same price as the Samsung 75 in 6 series which was on the Black Friday Ad. I felt I shouldn't pass on the deal so I bought it. I stored my TV in the garage as my wife and I were living together with our sister in law and she bought a tv of her own on the same week. 

Last week, we moved out and finally got to open our tv.  I noticed our tv remote was much bigger than my sister in law's tv.  I felt weird because I assumed that my tv would have the small remote control as her, since it was 2019 model. 

I installed the tv on mount and put everything back in the box to store the box in the garage. 

I flipped the box upside down to tape it and I noticed the model # printed on the bottom portion of the box said NU7100. 

I did some research on it and it ends up being a cheaper predecessor of RU7100. Bestbuy doesn't carry NU7100 anymore, while they still do have RU7100. 

Long story short, I received a brand new TV which on the outer box says RU7100, but the TV inside the box was NU7100. It seems like Bestbuy replaced the outer box on a cheaper TV and sealed it again with nylon straps and sold it as a new and better version of the tv.  It's past 9PM here in California so I wasn't able to get a hold of the customer service as they were closed. I'll be calling them first thing in the morning and get this issue resolved. 

But I'm frustrated and furious with the fact that a giant retail store such as Bestbuy would deceive customers in this way. Older generation such as my father wouldn't have known the difference and would've just went on thinking that he received the right tv that he purchased.  So when you purchase the tv from anywhere. MAKE SURE TO CHECK THE MODEL # ON THE BOTTOM OF THE BOX IS THE SAME AS THE ONE ON OUTER BOX, as it seems easy to replace the outer box since it's a cover for the bottom box which is not attached together. I learned it the hard way.....

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Re: Bought Samsung RU7100 75 in, outerbox saysRU7100 but TV inside is NU7100

I doubt they will do much for you sence you purchaced it nearly a year ago and they have a 15 day return period...
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Re: Bought Samsung RU7100 75 in, outerbox saysRU7100 but TV inside is NU7100

Hello, pebblesbabie,


Welcome to our online community. It is always nice to greet new members, and we sincerely appreciate you choosing Best Buy for this investment. Finding a great deal is exciting, so I understand why you would have wanted to take advantage of the sale you came across. Keeping the television in the box until the big move makes sense. It would be surprising to find a different model inside the box. Unless noted as an open-box item, merchandise should be in the same condition we received it from the manufacturer.


Typically, if this were within the return period, visiting your local store would be the best route to take. Knowing this purchase was from almost a year ago, this circumstance is even more unique. If you would not mind sending a Private Message, we can take the time to review the purchase details with you.


Kind regards,

Sarah|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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